Second Gen Moto 360

Lenovo's CEO, Yang Yuanqing, has posted and since pulled a few images showing off a briefcase of unknown smartwatches, which are reportedly the new Moto 360. The post to Yuanqing's Weibo account shows off a device that looks very similar to the original Moto 360, but there are a few changes as well. Along with the image there was a comment, which MyDrivers was able to capture, that roughly translates to:

Moto 360, matching the arrival of the era of freedom, our store in the future to increase the function of the watch shop.

The comment itself doesn't give away to much information, but it does relate to some of the changes shown. It appears as though Motorola has decided to stick with the black bar at the bottom for a second time around. The difference in the images is that the watch now has proper lugs for switching between standard watchbands, which could be related to the "era of freedom" comment above. In addition to the image above, Yuanqing posted another image showing off various other strap options for what is said to be the second-gen Moto 360.


Recently, Motorola added the Moto 360 to MotoMaker, and it would be logical for similar levels of customization to take place on the next device as well.

Source: MyDrivers via: Droid Life