Sony QX 1

Credible-looking shots of the successor to Sony's QX10 and QX100 Android-friendly cameras have leaked out. The source claims the ILCE-QX1 camera will cost 300 euros for the body alone and 450 euros to get it with the 16 - 50 mm lens. It'll include a built-in flash and uses a special e-mount system.

Other photos have shown how the battery and SD card are loaded in, a few glimpses at the smartphone viewfinder app, and some lifestyle shots of the QX1 in action for selfies, family shots, and photography with other lenses and a tablet.

There aren't any other details beyond that, but we can expect this device to be getting an official unveiling tomorrow when IFA starts in earnest. At first glance, is this something you guys would be interested in picking up? Who has experience with the original QX series of lens-size cameras?

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors