Leaked Droid RAZR HD pic shows a big, wide phone

Where do you go from the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX? How's about the Droid RAZR HD? This leaked pic seems to suggest a wide (but thin) phone with the same Kevlar back we've come to know over the past six months or so, along with mciroUSB and and HDMI port, plus what looks be to a door for the 4G LTE SIM card, and presumably some microSD storage on the side (like the Droid X days). Camera, speaker, flash. Eh, it's a phone.

The bigger question for this phone is when we're going to see it, what's on the inside -- both hardware and software -- and whether it's got a snowball's chance in hell against the Samsung Galaxy S III on Verizon. Put it this way: Moto's gonna have to bring something seriously new to catch our attention at this point in the year, and it's still too early for Google to swoop in and rescue what otherwise might be an iterative phone. (And really, there's no promising that Google would even do that.)

So, yeah. You've got a leaked picture of the back (and, after the break, the side) or another Motorola phone. We're not getting all that excited just yet.

Source: Droid-Life

Motorola Droid RAZR HD

Phil Nickinson
  • Aww man, I don't get a little shout out for the forum tip? =(
  • Fat but thin....makes no sense to me at all.
  • Phil gotz me all kinds of confused.
  • I'm planning to upgrade this summer and, call me crazy, am looking at the RAZR MAXX instead of the GSIII. This looks like it could be a solid choice if it were to come out in a timely manner.
  • This is the supposed Razr HD. The Maxx is pretty much the same, but lacking an HD resolution.
  • While the maxx is a good phone, it lacks everything that people should see in the Razr HD. A bigger screen, on screen buttons, ics (out of the box) .....etc.
  • Yes the Razr HD specs are looking great, but the Maxx remains a solid phone. For me, the Maxx is a good size and the non-HD screen is really a non-issue. As screens get larger (and for those who prefer significantly larger screens on a phone for whatever reason), then u might as well get a Note or similar becz u'll be looking like u'r talking on a tablet - but to each his own I guess.
  • same here man, been doubting forever about wether to go grab a HTC one X, galaxy S3 or Droid razr Maxx (hard to come by in europe). But i do think it will be the last one, because: what good is a phone if you can't use it!?
  • Don't forget the D Quad XL!
  • This has piqued my interest.... I am going on my 3rd GNexus this week, the new 4.0.4 radios did not help my phone, and it will barely hold a 3g signal, and we are a 4g city..... Maybe 3rd times a charm, otherwise I will be switching to Moto because I know the have better radios/hardware....
  • I thought the same thing when coming from a Fascinate to my Bionic.. I was thinking, how much worse could it be. Well unless you're one of those who doesn't want to root, or run custom roms without jumping through hoops, forget it. Not to mention Blur. Locked down and encrypted bootloaders with no change in site, not to mention just as many radio issues with my Bionic and my buddy with his RAZR. Hardware was solid though, I'll give it that.
  • I have a Bionic and it took 6 months get the Radios to work right and dev participation is minimal. Unless it's a pure Google experience you won't see me with another Moto.
  • That's real weird. I live in a building where LTE apparently goes to die, but my boss's Bionic still gets like 8megs down in there, which he's all too happy to tell me about...
  • Motoblur; no thanks.
  • If it's gonna be like the .209 ICS version I currently have on my RAZR MAXX, Motoblur will be almost nonexistent.
  • from what i've seen on the leaks, it's gonna beat the hell out of Tocuhwiz "nature" and Sense 4.0 IMO
  • Yet another locked bootloader device most likely... what a waste of a what is probably going to be a very nice device otherwise....
  • Indeed.
  • It's too bad a company like Google doesn't buy them up and institute more free and open standards and practices. Could be an interesting phone, but I'd not want it thin - a Razr Maxxxxx HD would turn my head. Razr didn't really tempt me, but as soon as it got Max'd out I got interested. Non-removable small battery and a more power-draining screen? Good luck with that.
  • I hate to break it to you but nerds who want unlocked bootloaders are the minority.
  • There's no microSD storage on the side of the Droid X. I'm looking at mine right now. But, yeah, great "journalism" otherwise.
  • Technically, the inside is still a "side." Sort of...
  • Word. The Maxx has microSD storage (on the side). Not sure what he was going for there.
  • Probably meant "on the side" like you would order a salad with dressing on the side. Poor choice of words though.
  • Who the eff cares? What a nit-picky complaint to throw a hyperbolic sarcastic insult onto.
  • Considering that Motoblur is tuned down on ICS, that most consumers don't root their phone or care about the boot loader and it might have a decent battery. This is looking like a nice phone on a lot of assumptions :P 720p HD screen, dual-core/quad-core, I personally hope for a dual core for international release as I don't want a powerhouse for my next phone, I want nice screen, and able to do email, internet, sms and calling with the odd causal boredom buster. I have a Vita for the gamer in me :)
  • I'd like to see it have a Qualcomm S4 myself.
  • I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this phone......
  • I ain't no expert, but the first picture kinda looks fake to me My reasons to think its fake :
    - the rear camera on Motorola phones is always on left side.
    - also Motorola phones always have dual-flash led.
    - Speakers on Motorola phones are on the bottom (except for the RAZR I think) I'm sure I could be wrong though. Either way its a good looking & unique back
  • Looks shopped to me too..
  • My RAZR Maxx has a single flash...
  • Speaker is on the same side as the Razr Maxx. Just a different grill design. It has the same camera flash style as the Razr Maxx. Look like they just moved the camera to the middle, and the flash to the left. On the Razr Maxx, the flash is closer to the middle, and the camera is on the left. Probably switched the two in order to have room for the larger size camera.
  • Battery? Wait for the Razr HD Maxx. That big HD screen is going to suck some power.
  • Droid-Life are assuming 3300 mah. Since it doesn't have the traditional Motorola camera hump on the back
  • A new HD Razr Maxx would get me to switch to Verizon if it also had an upgraded camera. Just updating the display is "meh."
  • Am I the only person that would rather have the separate USB/HDMI out ports instead of the unified MHL port? -Suntan
  • It looks to me like they are separate. From top to bottom you have the silver door covering the microSD and SIM slots, then the micro USB port, then HDMI, like my DroidX has (minus the exterior micro SD and SIM of course)
  • Yeah I know. I'm saying I would rather have that than have the single MHL connector like on the SGSIII. -Suntan
  • I love the separate ports on my RAZR Maxx!
  • I love the separate ports on my RAZR Maxx!
  • Unless they unlock the bootloader or do something like htc does with bootloader unlock solution I don't think anyone who wants to tinker with their phone is going to choose this over the sgs3. People do not want to deal with all the encrypted bs.
  • It's going to take an Intel chip for Phil to not say meh to Motorola phones.
  • I am probably going to get this over the samsung because it looks better built than the plastic. The main reason, the screen its not pentile(I hope) from the description on D-life.
  • I love that they blurred the guy's fingers. That says to me that either they're way to paranoid (don't want them gettin mah fingaprintz!) or the guy has some distinguishing characteristic about his fingertips...(serious nailbiter or something) or none of the above. Just makes me chuckle.
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  • Great phone. Hardware is 2nd to none. The bootloader might be locked down but that hasn't stopped the devs from figuring ways around this. Razr Max has plenty of good dev support. The LTE radios are great, very strong building penetration. The only phone I have found with as strong LTE radio as the Razr is the HTC Rezound. This is a great phone, maybe they might beef up the specks to match the SGS3. Love that 2gb of ram. Great alternative for anyone who doesn't want the SGS3. One thing for sure is the Samsung phones are a hackers dream device. Easiest to root and flash custom roms. That is a major plus and all phones should be that easy IMO.