Laws of retail sales mean stores will only have X number of Droid X's at launch

In a stunning turn of events not seen since the days of Adam Smith, it's come to light that there won't be an infinite number of Droid X's available at launch on Thursday, and in fact retail stores have been allocated a discrete number of phones to be sold.

As for how many phones each store will have, well, you see an early example of the inventory above (via Droid Life). If you're worried about whether your local store will have a Droid X to sell you, we offer the following advice:

  1. Don't worry about inventory screen shots that will be days old on the actual launch day.
  2. Try calling your local retailer (here's a handy location guide (opens in new tab)) and asking if they have a Droid X to sell to you.
  3. If that fails, you might try actually going to a store and trying to buy a phone.

That said, we're pretty sure this will be a popular phone, so you might wanna show up early. Oh, and if you want, you can enter our free Droid X giveaway.

Phil Nickinson
  • They may be reserving a large portion for online sales.
  • I may actually try going into a story. :) All joking aside...I don't think this will be that popular a phone.
  • Best thing to do: Order online on VZW SITE they usually ship next day.
  • yeah i think its size alone turns some people off. Im sure there are still a bunch of people who want it but no where near that of the incredible
  • Pretty soon we will break out the folding chairs like Apple Fanboys.
  • My local verizon store let me reserve one by starting an application that's guaranteed to be there on launch day.
  • Maybe Verizon is "leaking" this information to create an overwhelming demand for the Droid X on opening day. The secrecy of this phone has been nill for the last 3 months. I truly believe all the leaks have been well thought out and executed according to schedule. Verizon and Motorola have too much to risk by upsetting customers with low inventory, delays for weeks etc. that plagued and still plague the Droid Incredible. If people want this phone and are told to wait three weeks they are going to look elsewhere. Verizon and Motorola know very well the damage done by the lack of Droid Incredibles.
  • Great points. Controlled leaks are a great way to market phones these days. It can help build hype for even low and mid end devices. Hopefully this is the case and they are only leaking the stores with lower numbers so that people will be out on day one looking for them. Seems these days people focus mostly on first day sales to determine how popular a phone is.
  • Well thats not the big question that everyone should be looking or asking for. The big question is...Will this Droid X be compatible with the LTE 4G service that should be launching in January...I don't think so.....
  • If I'm in the market that will have LTE 4G in January, I would definitely would not want a phone that will not be compatible with 4G and or wasting my upgrade....
  • Bummer, I'm coming off contract 7/22 and it looks like it will be hard to find. Too bad, but I will keep trying.
  • anyone can upgrade to this phone, as long as your upgrade date is before the end of the year. so you might want to keep thursday open
  • I don't know about that lilnate. If you read the forums, people get mixed results when asking an in-store rep or calling to speak with one on the phone.
  • well show them there official press release, cause it states that...i also called verizon the other day and they had no idea of that, but did say i can upgrade to any 3g smartphone and they will wave the fee, which is the same thing if im not mistaken. so im pretty sure that it is true, just the wording is strange. i would definitely maybe take the press release to the store and have them contact verizon, as they say, if shit gets real
  • What Verizon can do is: 1. Ship low numbers of phones to their stores a week before the release. This is already done. 2. "Leak" these low numbers a week before to create a buzz and a frantic demand. 3. Ship additional inventory on Wednesday. This is too soon to the release time to be detected by the geeks on the Internet. 4. Open the doors early on Thursday to long lines and adequate inventory. 5. Notify the media. By executing step 3 they cannot be accused of manipulating the pre-sale fervor. That is unless the people who know what is going on have loose lips.
  • I have already confirmed that my local big red will have atleast 70 on hand for launch day. But I still plan on being there before the doors open.
  • i will order online or bb...i will not pay the 299$ and wait for my rebate...
  • I'm pretty sure they dropped that MIR crap already. The phone is $199 in store, just like at BB. Just need to decide if you rather Red flavor (VZW) or Blue flavor (BB). :D
  • My verizon store said they have 40 and asked if I wanted to make an appt. The staff said they are using the MIR unlike the DINC.