Droid X inventory numbers

In a stunning turn of events not seen since the days of Adam Smith, it's come to light that there won't be an infinite number of Droid X's available at launch on Thursday, and in fact retail stores have been allocated a discrete number of phones to be sold.

As for how many phones each store will have, well, you see an early example of the inventory above (via Droid Life). If you're worried about whether your local store will have a Droid X to sell you, we offer the following advice:

  1. Don't worry about inventory screen shots that will be days old on the actual launch day.
  2. Try calling your local retailer (here's a handy location guide) and asking if they have a Droid X to sell to you.
  3. If that fails, you might try actually going to a store and trying to buy a phone.

That said, we're pretty sure this will be a popular phone, so you might wanna show up early. Oh, and if you want, you can enter our free Droid X giveaway.

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