Riptide GP is somewhat of a favorite among the Android Central staff. Its excellent graphics, combined with superb controls and a great pick up and play approach make it to this day one of Android's finest game titles. We don't need to tell you that we're eagerly awaiting Nvidia's Tegra 4 platform, and with it the follow up title, Riptide GP 2. Thankfully, to help keep us going in the meantime, Nvidia's latest Android Thursday video shows off the new game running on Project Shield

And it looks; amazing. Besides showing off the gameplay, Nvidia also talks us through some of the special graphical touches that have been brought to the table thanks to Tegra 4. We're talking enhanced water effects, motion blur, improved reflection shaders, all designed to immerse the gamers ever further. 

Gameplay wise looks like a continuation from the original -- no bad thing. There's some pretty sweet looking tricks too like the Superman and something called a Nak Nak -- right? -- to perform. Combined with Project Shield, Riptide 2 looks like an absolute blast. Naturally we're excited for both, but we'll take Riptide 2 on anything that'll play it at this point. 

Source: Nvidia (YouTube)