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Latest in the Nexus One screen saga

What started as a rant from the less-than-Google-friendly Boy Genius Report is slowly starting to become a thing. We're talking about the screen on the latest batch of Google Nexus Ones, whose only discernible difference from the original was supposed to be that it supports AT&T's flavor of 3G.

Instead, we're seeing color variations. They're ranging from "Eh, I can barely notice" -- that's my example above, with the new phone on the left, and the original on the right -- to BGR's "What's wrong with this thing" (OK, those of you who follow the dude on Twitter know we cleaned up that line a bit) that you can see after the break. We're also throwing in a couple of shots from a post at XDA Developers.

Should we be alarmed? Probably not yet. Side by side, you can see the difference in my example. On its own? Looks fine to me. Small manufacturing fluctuations should be expected (though still unwelcome), and occasional bad apples happen. Let's not sound the alarm just yet. But anybody else out there seeing this?

  • If anyone is really that annoyed with the difference, I'll gladly accept your horrible N1. Thanks!
  • nonono!!! give it to me instead of Duke please!!! Me lub u lon'taim!!
  • No MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Good God people it may just be a setting or something ...
  • Gonzo if you get to many to handle you can send me your overflow. I'm not seeing any mention in the post above as to whether or not all the related settings were checked and confirmed to be identical? Brightness set the same or both on auto-adjust? Any apps installed that supposedly 'enhance' color? Also no mention as to whether or not the phones are running the same ROMs or if maybe one is running stock 2.1-update1 with perhaps a custom ROM on the other? Either way, looks like much ado about very little to me.
  • As far as my example goes, everything's the same. Same brightness. Same CyanogenMod build. Do AMOLED screens (they are organic after all) have warm-up periods? Not gonna track that down on a Friday afternoon ...
  • me 2,lol.
  • As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I got my AT&T N1 the first day they were available (Tuesday purchased, Wednesday in my hands) and I have not noticed any problems with the screen. The colors and vivid, the blacks are quite deep, and there is no tinting or purple-hue (or any color hue for that matter) on any colors, like was mentioned on that Genius Boy link. Maybe those are bad sets? I don't know... Yes this is an "on it's own" evaluation - but I'm pretty anal about details in my pricey tech purchases.
  • I just got my AT&T N1 in, no qualms about the screen so far. About to order a hard case and holster.
  • No problems here. Ordered two phones, both have fabulous screens. Don't have anything to compare it with except for my friend's iPhone.
  • don't know if this has anything to do with it.... check the section on disadvantages/color balance issues
    could be a quality control issue in the organic compounds?
  • Haha... wow, it's amazing how anal some people are. :)
  • The BGR photos look like the brightness is not identical. You can tell because the buttons on the bottom (home etc) look brighter on the at&t one (right). Either that or they altered the photo to make it look worse. The last two photo's look like the red tint has been fixed on the at&t one, which would be a good thing. But then the first image looks to be the opposite. Really i don't think this will be a problem, but i wonder if it is due to age of the screen? I'll compare my at&t one when i get it next week to a friends 2 week old t-mobile N1 and see.
  • BGR has been hating on the N1 since released he is just a hater his site is bias and sucks
  • Yep.
  • Yep he's an iToy lover lol... I was shocked at how good a review he gave the Droid ;-)
  • It does look like the one on the right is brighter. They both look really good though.
  • My dear God, I've never in my life seen so much energy expended by so many people to find fault with something as much as the N1. How many of these non-problems are there going to be? Let's re-cap: The AMOLED is "inferior" (technically, but not practically) Multi-touch is "broken" (it's not, it's just dual-touch) The 3G radio is defective (all phones lose reception when you cover the antenna, even that phone) The screen hue is messed up (oh come on. really?) What's with all the N1 hate?
  • it's the Android phone that thoroughly kicked the iPhones @$$ in every way except (arguably) the interface.... Watch what happens when the Desire/passion comes out lol
  • I say different batches of screens will have varying differences. Once you get yours home, it doesn't really matter. It still irks me that the N1 doesn't have an oleophobic coating impregnated into their screen like the Sprint HTC Hero and Apples iphones.
  • Edit: replied to the wrong one...
  • I got my AT&T N1 on the first day it was available, having the go through the very painful exchange process because my screen is tinted very blue, and has a blue cloud at the bottom noticable on white screens, was hoping it was just bad, and the next one is better.
  • I just got my AT&T version today and have the same exact problem. A very noticeable blue cloud on the bottom of a white screen. The hue overall looks to off. Any luck on getting your exchanged?
  •'s BS
  • Just another Apple/fanboyz dirty scare tatic , they just cannot accept the fact that iPhone is loosing.
  • It's an AMOLED thing. My brother and I both have Samsung Behold 2's (which also use that screen tech) and they vary in colors a little too... his is more red then mine. So it's just a variation... I think both look fantastic and would rather have these screens then regular ones. :)
  • I also have the ATT nexus one , and have no issue, next to my buddies nexus one ( t-mo ) for me it is atleast the same. I would say its just either a batch problem , or ... user error lol
  • I just got a new one and I think the screen is amazing I compared it to my Eris and the Old Nexus One and looks Great The Nexus One is in the Final Four of the Android Tournament vote here
  • Anyone with a dual head setup on their PC will tell you no two displays are identical. Each taken on their own are nice and wouldn't cause anyone to doubt their color or clarity. Put them next to each other, and the subtle differences become apparent. If the phone looks good to you, and the photos and websites look normal, then your phone is fine. If it looks off, when by itself, then you may have beef with the display. BTW I no longer notice the differences between my two monitors (same make and model), so soon you too shall stop noticing the differences.