Latest in the Nexus One screen saga

What started as a rant from the less-than-Google-friendly Boy Genius Report is slowly starting to become a thing. We're talking about the screen on the latest batch of Google Nexus Ones, whose only discernible difference from the original was supposed to be that it supports AT&T's flavor of 3G.

Instead, we're seeing color variations. They're ranging from "Eh, I can barely notice" -- that's my example above, with the new phone on the left, and the original on the right -- to BGR's "What's wrong with this thing" (OK, those of you who follow the dude on Twitter know we cleaned up that line a bit) that you can see after the break. We're also throwing in a couple of shots from a post at XDA Developers.

Should we be alarmed? Probably not yet. Side by side, you can see the difference in my example. On its own? Looks fine to me. Small manufacturing fluctuations should be expected (though still unwelcome), and occasional bad apples happen. Let's not sound the alarm just yet. But anybody else out there seeing this?

Phil Nickinson