Late-night poll: What will Samsung call its new flagship phone?

There's been no shortage of news and speculation this week surrounding the Galaxy S III -- or whatever Samsung ends up calling it. Mostly folks have been discussing whether this or that rumored spec will turn out to be accurate, but just as intriguing is Samsung's choice of branding for its new flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III is the obvious choice, as it indicates a clear successor to last year's Galaxy S II. But it's just as likely Samsung may drop the roman numerals, or follow in Apple's footsteps by eliminating numbers altogether with a "new Galaxy" or "new Galaxy S". We've seen leaked images in the past week showing a "Samsung Galaxy S i9300" splash screen, so that's certainly a possibility.

There's been at least one rumor this week that suggests Samsung may be having second thoughts about calling this thing the Galaxy S III, so anything's possible at this stage. Be sure to let us know what you think in tonight's Android Central late-night poll, and keep following all our coverage in the lead up to the May 3 announcement!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • This poll is stupid.
  • And we now have the "Samsung Universe".
  • sPhone to piss off Apple imo.
  • But the i in iPhone isn't the first letter in Apple so why would Samsung do that? Maybe the gPhone?
  • Samsung Galaxy S III NextGen Ultimo 4G+
  • And the Sprint version will be called the Samsung Galaxy S III Epic Touch 4G LTE HD
  • What about Samsung Galaxy S III Epic Touch 4G LTE HD Powered by Sprint Together With Nextel? So for short it would be the SGS3ET4GHDPSTWN.
  • Too True.
  • Early night poll?
    I would prefer it being called something else like Galaxy S II +. I want the galaxy S III to be released with a ARM a15 cortex processor
  • whatever they call it I am not buying it if it is 4.7 or 4.3 Too big.
  • That's what she said
  • Then your not buying a flagship android device period. Its gonna be very difficult to get a cutting edge device these days under 4.3. Unless you want an iPhone.
  • I could really go for a 4" flagship. I had 3.4" Hero and it felt too small. I now have a 4.3" EVO 3D, and I feel it is slightly too big. I don't want to imagine a One X/EVO 4G LTE in my hand (which are massive, btw). I'd like a 4" that fits in my pocket and can still have top specs. I shouldn't have to buy a budget phone to get a manageable size.
  • I had the hero and the evo and somewhat agree. But now I have the epic touch and it "feels" smaller just because its thin and light compared to the evo IMO
  • the extra screen space comes from having no buttons so a 4.7 inch screen without buttons is the same size as a 4.3 inch phone with buttons
  • As I just found out yesterday 4.3 on the new 720p screens is much narrower than 4.3 at 800x480, width wise my rezound that I just got feels like a 4 inch screen, that just happens to be a little longer, so take a look at a 4.3 with 720p, you might feel different. I love the screen is beautiful, but coming from the thunderbolt it feels a little small, but I love big screens. Still for a flagship phone I suspect it's going to be 4.6-4.7, the flagship phones that have launched with ICS all have them, the nexus, htc one X
  • The Epic Galaxy S III Skyrocket LTE Prime
  • The New Samsung Galaxy S X III Super 4g LTE HD
  • you forgot 3D The New Samsung Galaxy S X III Super 4g LTE HD 3D
  • Love the long name comments. I mean it, make it simple.
    The "next Galaxy" would be the best one, but there are too many phones in the Galaxy Series, that would confuse people.
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII. They aren't going to change anything with the name. The carriers all change the name anyway.
  • The New Samsung Galaxy S III Epic Skyrocket X Prime Super NextGen Ultimo 4G LTE WiMax +
  • Go beyond the Galaxy. Maybe the "Samsung Ort Cloud" or the "Samsung Globular Cluster" :)
  • Go bigger: Samsung Local Group
  • FYI - The oort cloud is around our solar system :) Maybe Samsung Intergalactic Planetary :)
  • They will go for "The Next Galaxy." I hate Apple, but I feel like Samsung goes out of its way to take cues from Apple. S-Cloud? Really? Really? SMH.
  • Samsung Galaxy S III Epic 4g LTE Touch
  • I'm hoping for "Pegasus." Instead of a dialer app, it'll have a DHD app.
  • That would be awesome! Just as long as it is a Pegasus DHD not a Milky Way DHD, Milky Way DHDs are far too slow as they have to go all the way around like those old pulse dialers.
  • Well, a) it'd be stupid for them to name it Pegasus and then use the Milky Way DHD (not that I think they're past that stupidity), and b) why would they use the outdated tech if they can get the latest and greatest? The Pegasus DHDs are only a few million years old after all.
  • oh pick me pick me
    It's definitely Galaxy Penocha
  • I hope they keep the numbers for now at least. The Galaxy S line has a great reputation, and this whole "new iPad" cuting off the numbers has caused a fair amount of confusion.
  • Samsung: "lets call it, the New Galaxy!"
    Samsung2: "Didn't apple do that with the iPad?"
    Sasmung: "exactly."
  • Either The Andromeda, or the Galaxy Far, Far Away.
  • Samsung Galaxy sPhone III Superduper Amoled + HD quad 5G LTE Maxx
  • Samsung Universe....or the SupeR xIII...wait that was in Gozilla vs Space Godzilla and you dont mess with Toho!
  • Few ideas here... The Real "Aphone" that would create a real brain freeze for all the I people. Samsung universe S3 The Samsung Galaxy Hawking S
  • Don't care what it's called. i have the captivate on at&t and always have problems. i will never buy samsung again. i'm not due for upgrade until july, and when i do will be getting htc one x unless something newer comes out by then.
  • Its most definitely the Samsung BS.
    Nothing like taking them all down with the BullShitter
  • let the carriers give it a name, then add "a GalaxySIII phone" at the end of the name. EVO LTE touch a Galaxy S III phone....Skyrocket2 a Galaxy s III phone....
  • How about just, Samsung Galaxy.
  • Because there is already a Samsung Galaxy 3.
  • If they call it "The New Galaxy", I hope they lose all their lawsuits to Apple. Lol. I'm going with Galaxy S III
  • The Samsung Universe.
  • Galaxy S Genius
  • Samsung Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious HD 4G LTE
  • How about the Samsung Galaxy Next. Short and simple!
  • Then people will confuse it with the Nexus.
  • The Samsung You Won't Get Jellybean Until We Release New Hardware For Key Lime Pie III.
  • The Samsung Galaxy X
  • Galaxy X is Galaxy Nexus' name in Brazil. Not gonna happen.
  • They can always use a different name for the Brazilian market. See how they changed the Galaxy Nexus' name to Galaxy X? They wouldn't sacrifice a good name just because they used it for another product in a small market.
  • Galaxy S+, Galaxy +?
  • Galaxy S IIS
  • Dammit! I was scrolling down and getting all excited that no one had made this joke yet. :)
  • This thing have a better radio? If not it's just another piece of shit Sammy.
  • The Galaxy Mass Effect 3
  • Samsung aPhone rEvolution. sorry, not enough coffee yet, its the best I can do....
  • Fred
  • Samsung Galaxy Universe S Three Skyfire 4G LTE HD+
  • Why am I reminded of Street Fighter II and it's naming? Really... how many variations of the S II and now finally the S III.... how many names there? After that Alpha? Extreme? Super Samsung Galaxy S4?