Late-night poll: Samsung Galaxy S III -- white or blue?

This one's for Dana (she loves the Samsung Galaxy S III in white), who wrote in and asked me to find out which color the Internet loves most -- Marble White or Pebble Blue. It's not very often that we get a choice of color, especially when black isn't one of them, so I'm curious, too. And lest we forget, there's now a red option coming later this summer from AT&T. Let's throw that one in as well, even if we've not yet seen it. If you're getting one, or even if you're not, let Dana and me know what color looks best.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • You forgot "None of the above" Sorry Sammy, thanks for supporting Android, but you'll get no love from me.
  • Paint it Black!
  • Wow! I didn't know the Rolling Stones had their own color.
  • Tough call but this may be the first time I have ever chosen white over a color option. Just looks right on this phone.
  • White, no doubt!
  • I think I'd go with white. I have more than enough black electronics in my possession.
  • Coochie pink?
  • Am I the only one that sees 'white' and 'purple?' Do I need to get my monitor adjusted or get my eyes checked? That's not blue.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking...and for the record... I'm not a fan of either...but if I HAD to choose...white. and I'm really not a fan of white mobile devices. But then again...I'm boring like that.. Plus I'm still mopey from not being able to snag an HTC One X because I'm on Verizon... siiiiiiigh...
  • No worries, bro. I'm right there with you. I don't want to leave VZW just for a phone, but I REALLY wanted to give the One X a spin. Looks like if I'm buying it'll be the S3. Not interested in Moto, don't think we'll see a One X variant, and I've lost hope in a VZW-ized Galaxy Note too.
  • That's just a weird lightning, I have hundreds of photos and videos of both of them (trying hard to figure out which one to get as well) and in normal light Pebble Blue looks more graphite blue than purple blue. So despite I know the white one looks good, because I played with it a few times, I'm waiting for the blue one to buy. I prefer darker phones (but of course black and gray is my first choice) and they are more practical (better visibility of the notification LED for example, it fades on the white one in daylight).
  • waiting on black
  • Barney Purple?
  • White. & omg did u guys read the news about us being able to move to mars permanently in 2023?? Wtf!
  • No colour could take my fingers away from my beautiful Nexus :D
  • That!
  • I would like blue, but I feel that it's too
    dark rather than bright blue. White is elegant.
  • I don't think I would like to own a purple phone. White all the way
  • Initially I wanted the blue, and sure it looks fantastic in glamor shots, but if you look at any image where a person is holding the device the white looks way more sleek and "new". Gotta go white baby! :)
  • I dont buy white mobile devices and I think the blue is ugly.
    Would've prefered black or a silver option.
  • I'll pass on both.
  • Red as in (RED)?
  • A poll with no poll!
  • None...Phone looks ok but, It's going to be another plasticy samsung phone with crappy radios....
  • Of the dozen or so reviews I've seen no one has complained about the radios.
  • blue. I know from first hand experience how fast white gets dirty.
  • *has Sprint* so I will get it in Blue but If I still had AT&T, I would be getting it in Red because red is my favorite color :D
  • chose the blue i like dark devices, but admit the white looks good with this phone. just would constantly have to wipe it off, meh. brighter sleeker blue like the white would be cool.
  • White. I use a lot of dark themes and wallpapers and I know they'll all look greatt with a white phone.
  • My DX, which will be replaced by the SIII, spends a lot of time in the window of my car as a GPS nav unit. It get dam hot sometimes. I think I'll do white and hope it will be a few degrees cooler than dark blue, er pebble blue.
  • I just ordered mine in white for VZW!
  • im so tired of reading about this stupid phone. yesterday, i counted 10 news stories on the front page..... 8 were specifically about sgs3....its getting out of hand!!! the phone isnt THAT great! no phone deserves that type of publicity!!
  • Transparent. Meaning NONE.
  • I'm surprised you can't pick multiples. As popular as this phone is already, I'm sure some people will be buying every version and color available.
  • Voted for white, but I'd still like to see that grey/silver that Droid Life posted a video of.
  • I've seen that video and I'm convinced it was the lighting with the white background behind. If you watch closely, when they flip it over from front to back, the pebble blue color flashes quickly. I don't think it was any different color. He also called it pebble blue at the start of the video.
  • i really love the blue and that texture on the back. the white looks too boring and reminds me of the *iother* device by that :-( *filthy* company.
  • I'd like someone to release a phone with exclusive colors for the 4 major US carriers. Say, standard black, red for Verizon, orange for AT&T, pink for Tmobile and yellow for Sprint.
  • Just submitted my Pre-Order for the 16GB in Pebble Blue. I avoided white because a few technically challenged co-workers of mine have the white iThings and I did not want to be associated to them/that. (I am upgrading from the original DInc)
  • definitely have to see it in person. Case in point: Asus Transformer Prime - Champagne Gold looked cheap and awful in pictures (you wear gold on your finger and neck - not on a tablet) but once CG came out - it looked quite good. I think it's how cameras take these pictures and how our eyes perceive the color in person, one of the reasons Sammy used green in their earlier screens in subpixels due to the eye (maybe it's on this one as well, i forget). Anyway, White looks good (thanks Alex! for hands on in your video) but the blue pebble will be different as well. Dunno - still undecided! Wish I had my E4GT in white, though. Choices, choices!
  • I picked Red (I hope), because I'm not really in love with either color, I've never much cared for white phones, but is super dark blue any better? it doesn't appear to be so from the pictures or Red? I don't know, I'll probably have to see them in person, While I understand that some people like different colors for their smartphones, I've always liked black for all of my electronic devices, black xbox, black ps3, black audio receiver, black iPad, and black smartphones. Their is a reason why smart phones are predominantly black, that's what a lot of us like, make other colors to your hearts content Android manufacturers, but include a base black model. That said their is a good chance this is my next phone as their's no HTC One X, unless Verizon gets a jellybean nexus at the end of the year, I won't be buying until December so I have some time to go to the store and compare.
  • How about, a high gloss black with subtle highlights like the brushed metal look of that pebble blue...just a thought.
  • I pre-ordered a pebble blue from Clove UK a couple weeks ago, supposedly they are getting stock next week, we'll see. Both look great IMO, I went with blue cause I thought it would suit me more. If I had a desk job and wasn't so damn dirty all the time I might have gone with white. :)
  • They shouldn't be able to call that blue. It's purple. And between white and purple, I'd take the white.
  • After the lack of updates for the Samsung Vibrant and the Tab 10.1, I choose neither. Samsung, great hardware crippled by poor to nonexistent software support. If I am relying on XDA-Developers for software updates anyway, I'll stick with the Nexus line if I end up flashing to plain vanilla Android anyway.
  • black
  • The White and Blue are both nice, but I'd really like to more high-end phones with unique colors. Just like the Nokia Lumia, I'd like to see more bright and/or unique colors (e.g. red, bright blue, cream, brushed bronze, yellow)... ah well, I'm sure it's more costly to manufacture additional colors that may or may not sell.
  • Really wanting to check out the red option.
  • According to reviews I've read the white causes extra glare and makes the screen harder to see in sunlight. Blue for me.