LastPass 4.0 redesigns everything you know about password management

LastPass has updated the company's password security apps on browsers, Android, iOS and OS X/PC. This latest release refreshes the user experience with an attractive new design, not to mention a new Sharing Center and Emergency Access. The revamped interface offers a more intuitive feel, which should appear streamlined to those who use the service across multiple platforms.

Gone are the days of LastPass browser extensions having rather poor navigation and menu layout. Joining the usual list view is a new grid layout, but fear not if you're more into the legacy interface. LastPass have added the option for you to toggle between the two. There's also a new Sharing Center, which enables users to share passwords in a secure manner with other people. Passwords remain in sync for all LastPass users who have access to said credentials - ideal if you change login information regularly.

The Emergency Access in LastPass 4.0 enables account owners to share access to their vault with friends or family should an emergency arise. It's a neat feature and one that has protection available to help prevent against possible abuse. The service itself is free to use on a single device, and is only $12 a year should you wish to take advantage of the premium subscription.

  • I thought there was a mass exodous when Logmein bought them. People were all like "THAT'S IT I'M OUT BYE!" Nah, nobody went anywhere. Looks to be a good update. It finally pulled in updated icons for all of my sites. Love it and still very much worth $1/month!
  • I would be curious to know if a lot of people bailed out, I did. Of course, they would never publish that data. However, the universal response to LogMeIn's acquisition was negative, I didn't see anyone happy about the move. In fact, LastPass/LogMeIn even had to shut down comments on the their blog post announcing it to attempt to slow the negative response. But come on, this is the internet, they couldn't stop it. Frankly, I don't trust LogMeIn. They have NO respect for their users and in the end, will ruin LastPass.
  • Yeah I knee-jerked with everyone else, then took a deep breath. Nothing has changed. As soon as things go south, I'll move to 1Password or something else. But for now, it's the same app I've come to know and depend on. Ball is in their court. I'm optimistic. Ford owns Volvo. Volvo's are still great cars. An acquisition doesn't always mean incoming peril. The internet just overreacts, this is not new. Story at 11.
  • Ford sold the Volvo Car Corporation in 2010 to Geely. Story at 11:00... 5 years ago.
  • Whatever nerd. You get the point.
  • I considered leaving, but then when I heard the founder of LastPass on Security Now saying that their team is still in charge of development, and Steve Gibson still recommends it. Also, the alternatives that offer anywhere this level of functionality are relatively an unknown quantity compared to LastPass...
  • Do you happen to have that episode number handy? I'd be interested in hearing it for myself.
  • Not the direct link, but here is a page that has the video embedded.
  • To be honest, the price was a major factor as to why I stayed. $1 a month for a service that I use all the time is pretty great.
  • I personally never said i was going to leave instantly, but I am constantly wary for any changes that are made, now. Any attempts to lessen security or open holes and I'm gone. I don't really like this emergency contact thing, but you're not forced to turn it on.
  • I agree. There was a lot of noise made when they sold, but their product still remains solid and it will take a bit more than mere speculation to get me to switch to something else. I use LastPass everyday and still love it.
  • Sounds like a nice update! I was part of the 'wait and see' crowd with the Logmein acquisition, no complaints so far.
  • I dropped lastpass several years ago for 1password, but I am curious what this brings. I am not familiar with logmein.
  • Just tried to setup the new Emergency Access feature and it informs me that the user I tried to setup isn't currently a LastPass user and has to be in order to share data with them... Not sure how useful this is. I was thinking of a scenario where I died and a family member who has absolutely zero interest in using LastPass needs access to something...
  • This is actually a huge problem. My father in law suddenly passed. He had like 8 computers (professional photographer). We were locked out of everything. No company would help us, even with a death certificate. Had something like this been set up, we could have saved all of his life work. Until then, things sit locked on his machines. Sad. When someone passes, there is an intense interest in anything that would help gain access. Maybe not now, but when the time comes, you will do anything.
  • I'm sure you did, but did you try just hooking the hard drives up externally? Or are they all encrypted?
  • For those of you that havent, you should check out Enpass password manager. Its my go to password manager now. Great app
  • I really like Enpass too, coming from LastPass. My only complaint is the app-fill feature LastPass has is pretty handy (when it works). I would really like to see something like that in Enpass, so I don't have to keep switching back and forth just to enter a simple user/pass. "Custom Quick Settings" helps, but it's still not the same as before.
  • Thats a good point
  • Hi Jaymoon, Enpass has auto-fill feature for desktop apps and for Android phones it will be available by the End of this Month. We have also shared it in our Tweet 'Here's what's coming up next!.'
  • Keepass, got it synced between my Androids and PC's. Simple to use and free. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, whole family has been using Keepass for years. Works on all platforms, and combined with Dropbox cloud storage, everything is always safe and synced. Oh yeah, it's free! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Is there a way to import all 500+ of my Roboform passwords into LastPass or another competitor? Any thoughts, guys?
  • Lastpass has an import function.
  • Cute :)
  • Still prefer Norton's Identity Safe. Does more than the Premium version of this for free. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Except Identity Safe is a download that only works in Windoze (or using a mobile app). LastPass (Premium) is only $12 bucks a year and works in Chrome, so it works on several platforms.
  • Granted, it doesn't work on Mac or Chrome OS, but it works on Android and iOS just fine. The one thing these apps charge for is syncing your passwords across devices, and Identity Safe does that...for free. If I need to look up the password on my phone when I'm using a Mac or Chrome OS (which, in MY case, is very rarely) it's still better than paying the Premium fee of other managers.