In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, tomorrow we're playing Gameloft titles for 24 hours straight on the NVIDIA Shield Tablet to raise money for Extra Life. You can get the full run-down here on what Extra Life is all about, but the short version is that they raise money for kids hospitals, and this year's run has so far managed to break the $3 million mark. As a part of our efforts, Gameloft has made a big donation and NVIDIA is putting up two prize packs that will be going out to some lucky motherhubbards who pitch in.

No amount is too small! Every little bit counts! Tomorrow at 3 PM EST we'll be streaming some Asphalt 8 on Gameloft's Twitch channel, and you're all welcome to come heckle me in the chat. Though I'm going to do my best to spend the whole 24 hours playing Gameloft's other solid titles, like Dungeon Hunter 4 and Modern Combat 5, it may be hard not to take a second at our group's get together to show off the Shield's remote play function. Being able to play Steam PC games on your tablet is really, really awesome. Read up more on it in our review.

If you haven't made a donation yet, please do! Any gamers here already participating in Extra Life?