Los Angeles schools to offer students hybrids and laptops instead of Apple iPads

Los Angeles officials are looking to Chromebooks, Microsoft's Windows 8 and other hardware to complement its iPad offering in the education sector. Students in Los Angeles have enjoyed the use of iPads to aid with not only their education, but also social lives too thanks to easily bypassing any security filters in place. Schools will be able to differentiate what is offered to students, a choice of six devices.

"The benefit of the new approach is clear," said Los Angeles school board member Monica Ratlif to the LA Times. "Why would we treat all our students – whether they are a first-grader or a high school freshman – as if they all had the same technology needs? They don't." Devices will include Chromebooks, Surface Pro 2 and Lenovo's Yoga Touch with teachers and students testing said units this fall.

Other issues with the iPad tablets included incomplete educational material, apparent difficulty in use due to on-screen keyboard and sometimes exam problems were often obscured due to the screen size. While iPad distribution across LA schools remains on hold, some schools are still scheduled to receive units later this year.

Source: LA Times, via: Engadget

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  • "Why would we treat all our students – whether they are a first-grader or a high school freshman – as if they all had the same technology needs?" But... but... I thought Apple knew what was best for everyone?
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  • here's a thought.. don't waste taxpayer dollars on tablets in the first place. there's absolutely NO need for a student to have a tablet for school work. it's called a damn text book and notepad. I'm only 27, and we never had that Bs in HS. hell, we didn't even have smartphones. we need to stop babying these children with technology that's simply not needed for a conducive learning environment. Posted via Android Central App
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  • He does have a point, though, when the school has a bond election to raise more than $2 million dollars to pay for these things, payed out over several years, with no plan for what they're going to do the following year when they need more. Technology is great, and I'm all for using it in the classroom to increase productivity and get kids engaged with learning. We *desperately* need that, at least in the US. But I'm not sure that handing every child an $800 piece of hardware is really the best way to do that.
  • I know right? I myself used to take notes on stone tablets. There's nothing like the sound of hammering rocks. Seriously though, what's wrong with student taking notes differently, and lightening their school bags? Posted via Android Central App
  • You would think 8 text books on a tablet would be cheaper and Greener. No more wasted books/ paper just to upgrade books, while updating them year after year instead of every 5-10 years in some school districts. It is actually cheaper to buy one tablet for every student than Issue them Text Books that cost $100 average brand new, and then provide outdated information afterwards with reuse. Even text book makers would save money by not having to print books anymore and the lack of all those cost just for printing would give them more profits while providing a discount for digital books.
  • Yup, exactly. Posted via Android Central App
  • It is cheaper then buying text books, takes up less space, is more environmentally friendly and causes less physical issues than carrying around a book bag full of paper books. Just a few reasons.
  • This... Though technology needs to implemented smartly. Not thrown together like LA has done. from the AC App on my M8
  • The LA school district has a multitude of problems to deal with far more important than incorporating iPads and Chromebooks into the classroom.
  • Actually I think using tablets is a great way for everyone to be on a level playing field with the courses. There are schools who either use outdated textbooks or dont have the funding to buy books for every student in the class. Now that most if not all of the textbook material is available online. ..why have kids carry a bunch of books when they can use a tabket
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  • But... if the school can't afford to pay for textbooks, how are they going to afford to buy every student a tablet?
  • A tablet is cheaper than textbooks, more environmentally sound, lightens up the bag (I know several kids in my school have back problems. They CAN'T carry several textbooks back and forth every single day.) This also prevents the problem of having to use a decade old textbook with drawings of stuff all over them and entire pages being ripped out. Posted via Android Central App
  • They have finally seen the light, only because they have burned their school budget on Apple and are nowhere near a workable solution. AN IPAD CANNOT REPLACE A LAPTOP ITS A CONSUMPTION DEVICE. Shame they didn't do the due diligence in the first place and come up with a best bang for buck IT strategy. Posted via Android Central App
  • How about putting exams on paper? Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • apparently you need trees to make paper, and California keeps burning them all.
  • OK, I'm 14 and live in El Dorado, Arkansas. We got funding for iPads, Ipods and I absolutely hate them and the apple ecosystem!!!! And get this they won't let us bring our own devices because they don't have the software compatibility on Androids, So what I have all my "stuff" Google Docs, Gmail, ect. If I could bring a Galaxy tablet or Nexus 7 like in that commercial life would be great!!! I wouldn't have to worry about bringing notebooks anywhere and I would save money, I could use SNote or some other note taking app. That's what people do not understand they buy these iPads with no cases and expect us not to have accidents, well it happens and we have to pay $600 when I could bring my own Galaxy Tab 3 with a case and screen protector and 2 year Walmart protection plan, then these accidents wouldn't happen to School Property!!! (Saving for an upgrade this year) And with the new L release coming this fall it integrates Chromebooks, Tablets, Phones, Watches!!! We can start a assignment on are phone, edit it at school on a Chromebook, and finish on are tablet on the bus or car ride home!! So Simple and everyone is like "How did you do that?" "Oh you can't do this you have to get a android device!" And of course they won't!!! (Stubborn Kids I'm just trying to help you.) This will make it easy for the teachers too they use Gmail, Docs and everything!!! I just hope we get Chromebooks this year!!! And this is just "MY OPINION".
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  • Well said, kid. Hope it all works out for u.
  • As a 17 year old entering my senior year of High School, my school district (DeSoto, KS USD 232) will just this upcoming semester be implementing a BYOD program, up until this year our school used Windows XP on old Dell Precision 470 Workstations and older Dells with Windows NT Workstation... and for laptops, we have carts filled with Latitude D610 and D620s whereas the staff just got brand new laptops this year This year the whole district upgraded the Precision 470s to Windows 7 and replaced most of them with OptiPlex 3010s but they decided for the art wings, to install 2, 25 computer Mac labs and put Macs in the art rooms, i was saddened by that, but at least its an upgrade. I will be bringing my Sony Vaio Flip 14A next year and ill be getting the Sony Active Pen for note taking, Im very glad to see our district getting with the times, especially with how they used to handle out of district tech in the schools, students were having to serve week long In-School-Suspensions for bringing and using their laptops on the network, before they locked the network down to where only pre-enlisted MAC addresses could connect to the routers...
  • It's great to be able to hear opinions from people still in school and dealing with this on a regular basis. I used to work for a school district's IT department, and I know first hand how out-of-date a lot of that stuff can be. That was even at one of the "richer" districts. Hopefully these schools will continue to increase their acceptance of technology, instead of this old "you can't bring that because it *might* be a distraction" mentality that they had. @whoareyou, the art lab I can understand, because it was most likely because the instructor is more accustomed to a Mac, but what are they doing with that 25-computer Mac lab? Admittedly, Mac use has been on the rise for the past few years, with the re-invigoration of Apple from the iPhone and iPad, but once you get a job and get out into the "real world" odds are you're going to be using Windows. Seems counterproductive to do a bunch of training on a Mac. I do remember my first CompSci class in high school was on Mac, though. (a Macintosh II, if that dates it for you ;) ) Some things do carry over pretty well, I guess.
  • Thanks!! Posted via Android Central App