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US Cellular's Galaxy S4 to get KitKat on Feb. 19, internal doc shows

Staggered rollout will require valid Google account and WIfi access

Next in line for some crunchy-good KitKat upgrade magic will be US Cellular's Samsung Galaxy S4. The OTA, which they're calling a maintenance release — they just don't understand the power of KitKat, apparently — should start to arrive February 19. Like most things that are good, some will have to wait as this is another staggered rollout. The good news is that 10 days after it starts, everyone should have it. Hooray!

Besides the update to Android 4.4 (we're not exactly sure of the point number here), the Daily Perks and MobiTiles apps will be removed from the operating system. Users who want to continue using either of these apps can find them in Google Play for download and installation, just like they should be. More hooray!

Anyhoo, if you're a USCC customer with a Galaxy S4, you've got one day to get prepared for the OTA if you've hacked your phone to oblivion. You'll need to be on the approved current version, and have all your Google and Samsung ducks in a row. Be sure to holler when you start seeing this one.

Thanks, Anon!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Good to see I guess. -------------------------------------------------------
    Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5
  • It's my update and I want it now!
  • 2 days from now? That's tomorrow! Posted via Android Central App
  • Today is February 17. Tomorrow is Feb 18. Two days from now is the 19th. Posted from my Nexus 5
  • Sadly I will not get exicted for this until they put it on KIES. My GS4 has the dreaded UPDATE FAILED. message at 30% and has kept doing since the update released back in July. So it can not go to 4.3. KIES says fully updated but the phone fails updated. If you check the forums you will find a lot of people have this issue so yeah not expecting much.
  • The same happened to me... searching I found the answer.
    Mine was "Custom" and that's why I couldn't update. What you can do its odin flash to mf3 and then request the update
  • And Verizon's update will be in another 2 months... *sigh*
  • YAY Verizon...behind Sprint and US Cellular lol
  • Finally!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Downloading now!
  • Took just about an hour to download, so far everything is looking good and no surprises. Everything is running well... Love having album art on the lock screen now... Posted via Android Central App
  • Got my update this morning. It also took about an hour to download. Everything appears to be working just fine, though a number of app icons were removed from my home screens. They were still on the phone, so they just needed to be re-added.
  • Hey do you know the build number? Because in kies it says amdl and I have the leaked 4.4.2 and I dont know if that version is the 4.2.2 or a better version of 4.4.2
  • downloading now on my rooted 4.3 MK2
  • Downloading now...wasn available at 10pm but I checked at 1:45am and its downloading...hope its worth it!
  • Why the excitement over an Android update that takes away much of your sd card's functionality, tying up the phone's internal storage instead, and greatly shortens your battery life? I made the mistake of updating and wish I had been informed that Google was making my sd card almost unusable, except for storing pictures & videos I take with the phone. Now my phone keeps running short on internal storage, since US Cellular only sells the 16Gb version of the S4 and now Google is putting everything in internal storage. It's a real hassle constantly moving any new files that I can manually to the sd card & constantly killing apps to keep enough internal memory available for the phone to function properly. I also wish they had told me there was no going back to the previous version. I even contacted US Cellular to see if I could exchange my phone for one that had NOT been updated to KitKat. Unfortunately, they turned down my request, so I am screwed! Google should have named it KitKrap. Now I hate Google so much my next phone will probably be a windows phone. Boo to Google for doing this. Boo to Samsung & US Cellular for not warning us!