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A kinder, gentler Droid? Squee!

One of the more common complaints about the Motorola Droid is that its design may be a little too industrial. Chad from The iPhone Blog likens it to an HP calculator. To each his own. But for those of you pining for a softer Droid may one day wrap your hands around this little beauty.

From a Chinese site [by way of BGR] we see what appears to be (at least at face value) a Droid-type front bezel with rounded corners and 3.8-inch screen. Also on hand are an 8-megapixel camera with flash and an 800MHz processor.

Other than that, we know very little. Not even if it would follow in the Droid line. But needless to say, we're gonna be thinking about this one for a good long while now. There's a shot of the back after the jump.

  • not bad on the front, the back is pretty ugly (the camera housing and it's too shiny, if it were up to me, all electronics would be housed in the soft touch rubberized coating on the back of the droid)
  • Do not like the glossy back at all... As for Chad's comments... he prefers his phones "pretty". ;)
  • Droid is a Robot! This isn't a Robot! However it is packing a better camera and just about everything else the Droid has, although not sure how handy a Phone is Chinese is.
  • Now THATS a phone I would jump all overe !!!! The current Droid I do not like at all , but this is SWEET !!!!
  • Total photo-shop. The back belongs to a Samsung, and the front looks way too storm like. Engadget was running this story as well, but it looks like they pulled it.
  • or just and search
  • Does anyone know where i can download the DROID soundclip from?
  • oooo yeah i can't wait for this phone its all curvy and i can sit it out and be proud that it looks sexy.My current droid is yucky so i just keep it in its holster.(total sarcasm)
  • Thats an awesome looking phone. Not so sure on the back though being glossy maybe they can change it to a matte finish. The camera housing is also ehh...,but other than that much better looking than the current DROID!!! Lets hope this one makes it stateside.
  • I agree with VZGuy, it looks fake. Something about the back just
  • The Motorola logo on the back is perfectly round, and at the wrong angle. Also, on the front, there is weird lighting across the word MOTOROLA by the earpeice that's inconsistent with the face of the phone. Pretty good, though.
  • This is a total fake! The shortcut buttons aren't even the same color as the rest of the phone and (how did this get missed) they don't even line up with the screen! And the Motorola logo doesn't even look straight...
  • The touch sensitive buttons look crooked...?
  • I agree with the naysayers...that looks too photoshoppy to be real. The logo on the back looks semi-transparent, the softkeys in the front don't match up in line with the screen... I don't know...I like the hard angles on the droid! They make the phone look like...well, not an iPhone.
  • That back is sooo fake. Look at the Motorola symbol- it definetly convinced me that the back is fake. Now the front seems legit and completely un-Stormlike to me. (But it's super sexy!)
  • Does this remind anyone of the storm2? cuz it looks like it to me.
  • Total photoshop. Save the pic to your pc then zoom in at the top of the phone where it says motorola. All the letters are jacked up and you can see different shades of color.