Jaybird Tarah Pro vs. Jaybird X4: Which should you buy?

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Tarah Pro are the second-most expensive earbuds Jaybird currently sells and they absolutely justify the high price. Having 14-hours of battery life is mind-boggling for something of this form factor, and along with that, you also get great sound and a unique design.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

Battery champ

Outstanding 14-hour battery
Tighter seal in your ear
Magnetized backs
Personalized EQ feature
Most expensive

Jaybird X4

If you'd like to save a few bucks, the X4 deliver a truly great experience for $30 less. Battery life isn't as impressive and the design's more traditional, but they sound just as good and work incredibly well in day-to-day use.

Jaybird X4

Best for less

8-10 hours of battery
IPX7 waterproof
Great cable management
More affordable
Battery life isn't as legendary
Rubber cable instead of a nylon one

The Jaybird Tarah Pro are among the best wireless sports earbuds you can buy and take the edge thanks to outstanding battery life and extra niceties like Snap Lock and Personal EQ. If you can get buy with 8-10 hours of battery life (you probably can) and just want solid, all-around earbuds that get the job done, save some cash and go for the X4.

You can't go wrong with either of these earbuds

Jaybird's been making wireless earbuds since 2007, and those years of experience shine through with both the X4 and Tarah Pro. Both of these earbuds are incredibly well made, but each one takes a slightly different approach to its design.

The Jaybird X4 has a more traditional look with a flat rubber cable that connects everything and has earbud units that go into your ears right side up. The Tarah Pro, on the other hand, has a woven nylon cable that feels better to the touch and is even reflective so you're more visible when out running after the sun's gone down.

When you're wearing the Tarah Pro, the earbuds are designed to go in your ears upside down (Jaybird calls this Switch Fit). It may look odd at first, but Jaybird's done this to provide a more secure seal in your ear so that they stay in better when you're working out.

Switch Fit and Snap Lock on the Tarah Pro.

You can pause your music using the inline controller just like on the X4, but something unique to the Tarah Pro is something called "Snap Lock." When you take the earbuds out of your ears, the backs of each one will magnetically connect to each other and automatically pause whatever's playing. If you leave them in this mode for 20 minutes or longer, the Tarah Pro will turn off to help save battery.

Speaking of battery life, this is another area where the Tarah Pro takes the lead. I was already impressed with the Jaybird X4's 8-10 hours of use between charges, but having the wiggle room of up to 14 hours is seriously amazing.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Jaybird Tarah ProJaybird X4
Cable materialWoven nylonRubber
Interchangeable tips✔️✔️
BatteryUp to 14 hours8-10 hours
Proprietary charging✔️✔️
Snap Lock✔️
Switch Fit✔️
Custom EQ✔️✔️
Personal EQ✔️
ColorsBlack/FlashMineral Blue/JadeTitanium/GlacierBlack Metallic/FlashStorm Metallic/GlacierAlpha Metallic/Jade

Sound quality is very similar between the Tarah Pro and X4, meaning that both sound fantastic. There's a lot more power behind these earbuds than you might expect, with each one offering deep bass, crisp highs, and great sound no matter what you're listening to. You can finetune how both sound using the Jaybird mobile app, but only the Tarah Pro has a Personal EQ feature that automatically tweaks the EQ for you based on the shape of your ears.

Joe Maring

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