I'm privileged enough to try a lot of true wireless earbuds, and many of the best wireless earbuds don't come from the names you'd expect. Jabra is one such company, which just a few years ago was better known for its office headsets and hearing aids than consumer headphones. But all that experience in those two categories played a huge role in its success in the Elite 75t.

Released to enormous acclaim in 2019, the Elite 75t improved basically everything about its predecessor, the Elite 65t — they're smaller, more comfortable, have better sound and battery life, along with a case that latches magnetically (to my never-ending satisfaction). But Jabra wasn't finished making the Elite 75t better: in October 2020, it released a firmware update adding active noise cancelation to the earbuds, a first in the industry for a shipping product.

Jabra Elite 75t render

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Here's the truth: even though Jabra has released a successor the Elite 75t, the aptly-named Elite 85t, I still prefer the originals. They're smaller and more comfortable to wear for long periods, and they have better water resistance so I don't have to sweat it when I sweat it. (There's also an even more sweat-resistant Elite Active 75t, which is also $50 off for Cyber Monday.)

There are some quirks you should know about the Elite 75t, but they're not dealbreakers. First, you can only wear the right earbud in mono mode — the way they're designed relies on the left earbud connecting directly to the right, and the right connecting to the phone. The other thing is that you may find the Elite 75t a bit bassy straight out of the box, but Jabra's excellent Sound+ app lets you personalize the experience using a series of sound tests.

We have a full review of the Elite 75t along with a comparison to the 85t and a re-review with ANC, so there's plenty of reading material for you before you make a buying decision.

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