iTunes Best of

Bear with us, folks -- we're still coming to terms with this. Apple and iTunes have snubbed Android Central in its "Best of 2012" podcast listings. Instead, Apple, in its infinitely looped wisdom, has gone with some guy named Leo Laporte, a couple of people who apparently like to beat geeks, and a blue letter "e" for best technology podcasts of 2012. Hell, there's not even an Android category! Steve Jobs never would have let this happen.

But fear not. We will soldier on. The Greatest Android Podcast in the World will return yet again this evening for Episode No. 119, live at 9 p.m. EST, 2 a.m. (Thursday) GMT, and all points in between, where we once again will bring you the best of Android world, plus your e-mails and voicemails -- and we've got some stuff to give away this week, as well.

So join use tonight for the Android Central Podcast and help right this injustice. We'll be at

(Pssssst. Them's jokes, people. We love Leo and John and Cali and Tim. 'Grats to them all!)