Iterate Podcast Episode 1: SoftFacade

Welcome to Iterate, our new, design-centric podcast focused on user interface, user experience, and iconography from conception to realization. In our debut episode, Marc, Seth, and Rene talk Notification Center in iOS 5, webOS cards and stacks, Photoshop 5.5 and SDK, linen textures, justified text, and talk with Anton and Dmitry of SoftFacade. Loop until done.

If you're one of the best-of-the-best-of-the-best in mobile design for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS, or Windows Phone, we'd love to get you on the show, or if you've found a drop-dead gorgeous app on any platform and really want us to talk about it, contact us and let us know.





  • Keep it up and you'll be making as many types of podcasts as Rovio does Angry Bird editions!
  • Now this is my type of podcast.
  • IDK about this. I'll give it a try. Who is the Android guy on this podcast?
  • "Android is too cluttered"? "I don't know where to rest my eye"? Man, do a little work to arrange your screens, be an artist. Are you so used to iOS telling what to do that when you have some freedom you're at a loss? I hate iOS, but I understand why people like it and I might try out iOS5, but come on man, you come across like a 1984 sheep with those statements.
  • How can it be too cluttered, it's Android, it's what you make it not what Jobs makes it. Get off the can and get on the stick. Comments like that should keep you off any freaken podcast.
  • This podcast sounds like a bunch of iphone elitists. Apple fan boys.
  • Too cluttered WTF? With the infinite possibilities to customize out of the box the only way it can be "Too cluttered" is if you have lost all imagination. Imagination lost due to being told how your phone should look for way too long. Spit out Jobs man-aise and open your eyes. I bet you have a bumper sticker that reads "Turtleknecks make me horny"
  • We'll be having Android designers, and Phil on the show so we'll get all sorts of opinions and personal tastes. Part of the critical process is to be critical. That's why we also critiqued Apple's (over) use of linen and their multitasking and notification UI. Hopefully we'll either upset everyone equally or people will choose not to get upset by differences of opinion and join in the discussion.
  • Can we keep the "you like Apple, you must be homosexual" comments to a minimum, please?
  • gbhil@stovepipe:~$ best.ui.ever. But it's all about choice. I like simple, functional. I find it elegant and beautiful. Others like glossy and polished. It's all good.
  • Sense 3.0 for those who like glossy and polished.
  • Though I don't like some of the things they say, Marc Edwards from Bjango and Seth Clifford from Nickelfish really DO know what they are talking about. They really DO know design so I will take what they say to heart, these guys are good.
  • Gotta give the guys on the other side somewhere to vent (I kid!) Props to Smartphone Experts for all the great articles and podcasts.
  • Getting a file not found message when I try to subscribe via google listen or when I download the podcast directly .