Marvel's Iron Man VRSource: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What you need to know

  • Iron Man VR was delayed back in April.
  • It is now expected to release on July 3.
  • It will feature an original story inspired by the movies and comics.

Maybe indefinite delays aren't so bad after all. Iron Man VR was delayed back in April alongside The Last of Us Part II due to the current global pandemic. Sony would eventually announce that The Last of Us Part II was coming in June, but it did not also reveal a new release date for Iron Man VR at that time. The company has now announced that Iron Man VR is soaring onto PSVR on July 3.

Don't expect to play through any scenarios found in the movies or comics. The story in Iron Man VR is apparently entirely original and has been built from the ground up. You shouldn't worry about it not feeling like an Iron Man story though, because the studio is still pulling inspiration from the comics and movies.

Iron Man VR was pulled from pre-order pages after it was delayed, but it should be going back up soon ahead of its July 3, 2020 release. It will retail for $40 on PlayStation 4.

Soaring high

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Be the Iron Man.

In Marvel's Iron Man VR, players get to become Tony Stark as he upgrades his Iron Man armor to use against Ghost, a villain that phases in and out of reality.

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