Intel MWC

After blowing us away with how enjoyable the Dell Venue 8 is to use, Intel is in a perfect position to impress everyone with what they have planned next. The Intel presentation at Mobile World Congress is filled with announcements for the future of nearly every facet of their business, but it's the mobile bits that excite us the most.

This year Intel is showing off the brand new Atom x3 processor, a fully integrated SoC aimed squarely at the next generations of mobile devices. It's Intel's first SoC with an integrated modems that support global availability, meaning support for 3G and 4G LTE networks is finally a part of Intel's lineup.

intel X3

While Intel has proven itself to be a capable player in the mobile landscape with their Wifi devices, global mobile connectivity needed to be addressed. This new 64-bit chipset is designed to support everything a decent smartphone needs, including 1.4GHz quad core designs, high end cameras, NFC, eMMC 4.51 storage, and a Mali T720 MP2 GPU on the high end of the x3 lineup. Intel has a global focus with this chipset as well, with support for dual SIM and FM radio baked into the design. Intel claims significant performance gains over similarly specced Qualcomm and MediaTek processors with this new lineup, but there's no telling what that will mean in real world usage until we've got devices to play with.

Intel targeting the bottom and mid tiers with this new processor means there will be some interesting new options as we move into this year, and with any luck the experience we've seen with the current generation of Intel-powered devices will continue into this next generation. Better performance in the less expensive Android devices is always a good thing, and that seems to be the direction we're headed in this year.

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