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Instagram beefs up Explore tab with video channels

Instagram is looking to make it easier to find videos you might like thanks to an overhauled Explore tab that now features video channels. At the very top of your explore tab, you'll now find a banner that highlights a personalized feed labeled "Videos You Might Like." As you scroll through the Explore tab further, you'll also see other video channels centered around different themes.

Instagram is quick to point out that the Explore tab still functions in the same way it did previously, highlighting photos you may be interested in with a continuous grid. However, you'll now see that grid broken up by a banner-style video channel every so often.

Instagram says the feature is launching first in the U.S. with the latest version of the app, but it should come to the rest of the world soon.

  • We still don't have the revamped explore in the UK yet, so I doubt we will get this. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The Instagram app has really improved. And I love that the Peek or 3D Touch feature is also included on its Android app.
  • I have the new update, and it seams to be good so far. Not a bad way to see new video's that you may be interested in. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've had this feature for months and I'm in the UK Posted via the Android Central App
  • huh? This aint new I've been seeing this for a while now Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ahh.. They removed the row of trending hashtags though. -_- Posted via the Android Central App