Insta360's new software supports broadcasting in 8K and 360 degrees

Pro Bowl Virtual Broadcast Stitching
Pro Bowl Virtual Broadcast Stitching (Image credit: Insta360)

What you need to know

  • Insta360 is now able to broadcast live in 8K and 360 degrees.
  • During testing, the Insta360 8K Live software was used to broadcast the NFL Pro Bowl.
  • The technology works with 5G connectivity to handle the large size of streams.

Starting today, broadcasters can use Insta360 8K Live software to broadcast content in 8K and 360 degrees. The technology was recently used to broadcast the NFL Pro Bowl in 8K and 360 degrees, a world-first according to Insta360. 5G's wide bandwidth allows broadcasters to send the large amounts of data required to broadcast in 8K and 360 degrees.

Insta360 used the Pro Bowl as live test and example of the technology in action. Verizon, Radiant Images, and Flight School Studio worked together to broadcast the Pro Bowl. Footage from the Insta460 8K Live setup was used in two ways. First, the stream was broadcast to a dome 200 miles away from the stadium. This allowed viewers to watch the game virtually. Second, the stream was used as part of ESPN's broadcast of the game. Insta360 8K Live software can be used to broadcast flat 2-D video as well as curved 360-degree video.

The technology relies on Insta360's own cameras, the Insta360 Pro 2 and the Insta360 Titan. Footage from these cameras is then stitched together in real-time. As you'd expect, this setup requires quite a bit of processing power. The recommended specs include an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU or higher, 16GB or more of memory, and two NVIDIA RTX 2080TI GPUs.

While Insta360 8K Live software is new, people will likely recognize the company from some of their other work. Insta360 cameras are certified to create Google Streat View content and have been used to map several areas.

Sean Endicott