Ingress users will soon get an awesome update, adding in new Ingress Missions. With the new update, players will be able to create their own missions (scavenger hunts) that include a start point, waypoints, and an end point. Missions will start at existing Ingess portals, but can include waypoints based on Field Trip locations.

Currently only a select set of users can create new missions, but the head of Google's Niantic Labs, John Hanke, say that the goal is to let every player over level five make maps, something that won't take long for most players.

Maps will be created through the Ingress website, overlying Google Maps on the Ingress portal locations, along with data from Field Trip. To build out your mission, choose waypoints and what activities need to be performed at a specific location.

The update is rolling out today — but keep in mind that currently only whitelisted users will be able to make their own missions.

Source: The Verge