Huge Android 12 leak shows off major redesign ahead of Google I/O

Android 12 Silky Home
Android 12 Silky Home (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Just days from Google I/O, Android 12's new looks and privacy features have leaked.
  • Google will allegedly focus on Android 12's design, privacy, and how it works better with your devices.
  • Another leaked live promo shows off this new design in motion.

Android has looked pretty much the same since version 5 Lollipop debuted, with a slight change mostly driven by Material Theme launching alongside Pie. Google has tweaked a few things and rounded off a few rough edges (literally in many cases), but Android 12 is going to take all this to a whole new level, according to a new leak from Jon Prosser on his FPT YouTube channel.

Prosser has shared a video showcasing parts of the Google I/O 2021 presentation. Google is said to be highlighting Android's radical new design, its new cross-device functionality, and a newfound focus on privacy and security. Sadly, while we don't get a lot about the last two, we do have quite a bit of the design elements.

If you've seen Android 12's Silky Home theme leaks from earlier this year, this is a lot more of that. Users can expect a rounder Android, from the notification bar, to the audio controls, with thicker and more prominent pop-ups.

All parts of the interface appear to be getting a touch-up, and looking carefully, we can even see glimpses of system apps such as the calculator getting facelifts.

Google is expected to give Pixel users a chance to test this new design and some of Android 12's features when it launches a public beta at the end of the Google I/O keynote.

Prosser recently leaked the first detailed images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel Watch.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait a while to see whether these leaks are accurate or not. Google I/O is coming in a matter of days, and we'll learn all about Android 12 right from the horse's mouth.

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