Huge Amazon Halo 'Movement' update makes it the perfect fitness app for us olds

Amazon Halo Movement Health
Amazon Halo Movement Health (Image credit: Amazon)

Update, June 30 (12:00 pm ET): The Movement Health feature is now rolling out.

What you need to know

  • Movement Health is the latest feature addition to Amazon's Halo experience.
  • The new feature will analyze your movement health and suggest corrective exercises to help you improve.
  • Movement Health will be available via Amazon's Halo app in the coming weeks.

Amazon has added a new feature to Halo to help improve the way you move. The feature, which is dubbed Movement Health, will be available to Halo members within the Halo app in the coming weeks.

The new Movement Health feature lets you easily assess your functional fitness, which is defined as the body's readiness to perform everyday movements like bending, reaching, lifting, pulling, pushing, and walking. Maintaining good movement health is essential to perform basic movements such as picking something up from the floor, lifting up your child or pet, carrying groceries, or running.

Once the feature becomes available, you'll be able to begin a short assessment of your movement health by opening the Halo app on the best Android phones and setting up your phone camera. The app will then guide you through five simple movements – single leg balances, forward lunges, overhead squats, overhead reaches, and feet together squats. Halo will evaluate your body position using computer vision and machine learning to identify limitations in your mobility, stability, and posture as you perform the exercises.

After the assessment is completed, you'll get an overall Movement score out of 100, along with details about your limitations. Amazon claims the assessment can deliver "comparable accuracy to an in-person assessment with a professional trainer."

To help you improve your movement health, Halo will provide you a personalized program of corrective exercise videos with guided instruction from the renowned coach and physical therapist Dr. Kelly Starrett.

Explaining the importance of movement health, Dr. Starrett said in a statement:

This feature is a game changer. It replicates the experience of a professional assessment — putting the expertise of a trained coach's eye right in your Halo app, providing a highly accurate assessment on the state of your movement health. Halo then provides targeted, easy-to-perform exercises and resources that will help improve your ability to move freely and effortlessly in your daily life.

Update, June 30 (12:00pm ET) ― Movement Health is now available for use in the Amazon Halo app

Amazon Halo members can now use the Movement Health feature to assess their functional fitness in the Halo app.

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