Huawei's next P-series phone will be called the P20

Although not perfect, Huawei's P10 from early 2017 was an excellent phone that featured a great design, awesome camera performance, and superb battery life. We're expecting Huawei to unveil the phone's successor in March of this year, but rather than being called the P11, it'll be branded as the Huawei P20.

We first became suspicious of the name-change back in 2017 when Huawei trademarked the "P20" title, and most recently, we've been able to confirm through our own sources that the phone will be called the P20 instead of P11.

As if that wasn't enough, Roland Quandt (a source that's offered reliable information in the past) recently took to Twitter to shed some light on the codenames and available colors for the upcoming P20 family:

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The reason for the name change? Although we can't so for certain quite yet, it's expected that Huawei will be opting for the P20 title as a way to better resemble the sizable upgrades that'll be found in the P20 over the P10. The P20 may ship with three rear cameras and a notch in its display akin to the iPhone X, and while I'm personally not excited for the latter of those two things, it'll certainly create for a much different phone compared to the P10.

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Joe Maring

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  • I'm holding out for a model with seven rear cameras.
  • i wait for one that reminds me of a insects eye. One more advantage if the backside is covered with cameras: My mom can't cover them all with her fingers.
  • I'm digging the three camera lenses but the notch is just a no
  • I can't wait for this Device. I love the camera on my P10 plus... so i'd love to see what they improve upon.
  • OMG...the notch is NOT a design feature. It's a terrible attempt at fitting technology in the phone for the sake of being "different" It's terrible and should be tossed in the trash. And I am an iphone user.
  • Agreed. Just give back a little top bezel and be done with it. You still get all the sensors in and you don't have a compromised screen ratio. Can't wait to see what this phone brings though. I got a P10 last year just for the sake of it to try something different and it was the only phone on years I've kept longer than 6 months. It was a great all rounder. Great size, great cameras, nice screen despite only being 1080p LCD and the battery was decent. I even liked EMUI and don't get what all the hate is about there. They need to add Always On Display (with 3rd party support) this time like the Mate 10 because the notification led is practically invisible. Wireless charging should be a must too but I won't hold my breath