Huawei P10 leak highlights Leica dual cameras, front home button

Press renders of the Huawei P10 have leaked ahead of its official unveil at Mobile World Congress, courtesy of Evan Blass. The images highlight an interesting design change from the Huawei P9 in the form of a home button at the front, which is likely to feature an embedded fingerprint sensor. Round the back, the phone sports the now-familiar Leica dual-camera setup, with the overall design remaining largely intact.

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Current leaks suggest the Huawei P10 will feature a 5.2-inch Full HD display, the HiSilicon Kirin 960 (the SoC powering the Mate 9), USB-C, 4GB of RAM as standard along with 32GB and 64GB storage options, and a variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage.

Huawei is also said to be mulling a P10 Plus that will feature a 5.5-inch dual-curved QHD display along with a fingerprint sensor at the back. The phone is expected to feature the same hardware as the standard P10, with the main difference being the curved display and the lack of a home button up front.

Huawei P10 Plus

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • P10 plus looks smexy
  • Holy Smoke, that's a big leak. I like that blue!
  • Very well my next phone to replace my Nexus 6, the Kirin seems much better than the Snapdragon...
  • Probably a good move, Kirin runs super well!
  • Blue and green look awesome. Give us a red option too please!
  • Just why?
    Why would they curve the screen?
    Do my photos look better with edges at an angle which is away from my eyes?
    Are movies viewed better with edges curved away?
    Is reading text better with letters on edges facing my ears (in portrait) or chin and forehead (in landscape) and not my eyes?
    Is it more comfortable in my hand when edges are thinner and sharper than necessary? Dual Leica cameras, elegant design, nice materials, potentially powerful internals - but that screen...
    What is the obsession with curving smartphone screens? Is it done just to show that it can be done or is there really some benefit which I just can't see?
    To me it is just a nuisance and a reason to choose another phone instead - those leaks of LG G6 look nice...
  • "Why would they curve the screen?" The answer is as simple as it is infuriating. They do it because they can. No other reason. It offers no additional functionality. It just gives them bragging rights to say that they've somehow managed to put a bigger screen in a smaller body. Even if that curved bit of screen is useless.
  • Sir, ask yourself. Why phones need design? The answer is same.
  • You gave me a good laugh thanks
  • Looks great they are really stepping up their game a real player now in the smartphone market
  • Hoping there are some updates to the camera otherwise nothing here to make me upgrade from my P9.
  • OIS would be a really good addition.
  • Auto HDR mode / always on option would be nice but that should be software
  • Why does the curve version have the FS on the back, yet the flat one has it on the front? What was Huawei smoking...
  • I was wondering the same thing Consistency please
  • Hmmm, I'm thinking about returning my Mate 9 and waiting on the p10....decisions, decisions....
  • I'd stay with the bigger screen ;)
  • Foe me the keys are - does it have the LTE bands needed in the USA - does it do Voice over LTE - does it have payment system with fingerprint authentication
  • Exactly a phone that "fails" it's primary function can't be considered no matter how pretty, big, or fast it is.
  • I'm sure you can install AP on it if it doesn't come with a payment system?
  • Never liked front buttons, one of the reasons why I always shunned Samsung.
  • Hummm...
    5.2 inch screen *check
    Back finger print sensor * check
    Compact size * check
    It's this or the Moto G5 plus for me.
  • I'm afraid it's either 5.2" screen OR fps on back.... Fps is on front with flat screen (5.2") while curved screen (5.5") has fps on back...
  • Can't wait to see what Huawei has in mind for the mate 10. 1+4 too. Hoping for Nextbit to make a second generation. Possibly a Moto X if they continue.
    Otherwise, meh. LG G6 is looking nice, but I'm getting a new phone in Dec, so pointless to get it at that time. I don't like Samsung's skin, bootloader restrictions, etc so GS8/+/Note 8 are out. HTC hasn't been satisfying lately, so likely nope. If Pixel keeps the bezels, I'm out.