HTC's Preview program may let you test phones early

HTC is trying a new way to connect back with the Android community, as it opens the doors to its own preview program. The company took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything (AMA), in which it answered questions from consumers about the program and how it will work. Basically, this will be a way for HTC fans to try and get their hands on new hardware and software before it is released in exchange for daily use and feedback.

Right now, HTC is accepting sign-ups for the program, though signing up does not guarantee you will receive any hardware or software early. If you are interested in trying to test out some new HTC stuff, and don't mind keeping it a secret and giving some feedback, this may be the opportunity for you. So, let's see what some of the big questions were, and how the HTC Preview Team answered them.

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What do I, as a user, get in exchange for helping you with this preview program?

  • We've developed and expanded the Preview program to gather more information about how users are actually using their devices and collect feedback from our most passionate fans. As we learn more about user behavior, we can use that information to inform our future software and product design.
  • Logs are running in the background and collect data on network/signal strength, battery information, usage times, apps used. We do not collect personal data (such as passwords, account information, text messages, MMS, emails, call logs unless authorized by you). We cannot at any time see your screen or what you're doing unless you took a screenshot to share with us.

Are you guys frustrated with the direction of HTC? What would you like changed?

There are frustrations with any company, sure. To impact change, we're looking more at having outside feedback and suggestions, which is why we're working to grow and improve the Preview program. This user feedback is important and it's easier to go to executives with data saying 'customers want this ___". Definitely rest assured that your opinions are being heard!

You mentioned the 4 main wireless providers in the USA. What about the rest of us who piggy back on their networks, specifically projectfi . Are mnvo providers supported for the beta? If not when will they be?

We're currently limited to the 4 main carriers in the US, but we're working to expand as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

How seriously would you guys take the feedback from the users who went through the preview program? Would you go as far as scrapping the plans for the device if the majority of the feedback from the program participants was hugely negative?

We take our user trials results very seriously. In most cases we'll just be tweaking devices to improve, but our end goals is to develop a device that users love. If user feedback is overwhelmingly negative, we'll definitely use that information to evaluate a product's release.

How would unlocked bootloaders/root access effect program eligibility?

Unfortunately unlocked bootloaders/root access devices won't be able to participate at this time.

You can sign up right now for HTC's Preview program, though just by signing up you are not guaranteed any early releases. It's great to see HTC trying to connect back with the community by seeking user feedback and building off of it.

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Source: Reddit AMA

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