HTC's ChaCha and Salsa now available for pre-order via Amazon

Facebook, of course, is slowly be taking over the world, and if you feel the need to have a dedicated Facebook button on your device like on the HTC ChaCha or Salsa, the time has come. Amazon UK has offered a pre-order for these devices and they are also showing a release date of June 26, which is still over a month away. The HTC ChaCha is set to launch at £249.99, while the HTC Salsa carries a price tag of £319.99. Will you be placing a pre-order for either of these devices? If so, be sure to discuss it in theChaCha or Salsa forums!

Source: Amazon UK; Via Engadget

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  • Yes HTC, we are all too stupid to put an icon on the desktop so we need a dedicated button for this. What I want to know is how much money did Facebook pay them, and who hasn't outgrown their Facebook addiction long before the are able to shell out £249.99 ($410) for a phone with a Facebook Button? This phone just screams "Daddy's Little Girl".
  • Make this free on contract with no data plan plz since its so cheap. This would make a good phone for kids.
  • What's cheap about it?
  • So is HTC going Latino on us or what? What's sense new name.....Chihuahua?
  • The FB button pulses when you take a picture with the camera or find your location via Google maps or copy a url from the browser or whatnot then you click it and it immediately goes to your FB status update. Yes it screams kids' phone, but the keyboard is what I'm interested in, there aren't many Android phones that has a decent portrait qwerty keyboard out there besides the junky Motorola Charm and the Samsung Galaxy Pro (which I hear is a bad device).