HTC Thunderbolt finally getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update

What more can we say? (Don't answer that!) The HTC Thunderbolt has its Ice Cream Sandwich update ready, and will soon start rolling out to devices. It will be Android 4.0.4 with Sense 3.6, and the update package is about 380MB. If you still have a Thunderbolt rattling around in a drawer somewhere, dig it out, dust it off, and plug it in in preparation. This update won't fix the peeling kickstand, but maybe it can help the battery life a bit. Anyhoo, it's nice to know that the Thunderbolt was not forgotten, no matter how hard we all tried to forget it.

Source: Verizon (pdf); Via: everyone

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • That means there is still a possibility the Sensation will get jelly bean lol
  • If the Inspire 4G and this got ICS, then why couldn't the Desire HD -_-
  • The Inspire did not get ICS. We are on Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.0
  • That's a damn good question, and one I had planned to talk about over the weekend. Short version -- HTC says what happens with the Desire HD, while Verizon says what happens with the Thunderchicken (and AT&T with the Inspire). HTC has said numerous times that the hardware in these devices is not up to snuff, and ICS on them is a bad experience. They don't want to take a usable phone and make it horrible by shoestringing ICS on it.
  • Pretty sure the Desire got ICS and the Inspire did not. I had the inspire, loved it, but lack of ICS was enough to push me to a new phone. I know exactly what you are saying though. I was pissed when I found out the Desire got ICS and then HTC said that it wouldn't run smoothly on the Inspire. They are basically the same phone.
  • No, the Desire HD (which Inspire is pretty much the same) never got ICS officially. HTC once said they would update it, but then they changed their mind. Of course, you can root and load ICS on the Desire/Inspire yourself.
  • Haha thanks for clearing that up. Maybe we could keep all these devices straight if HTCs device naming process made any freaking sense.
  • Wow
  • This is a fine surprise for today. :) I still have my TBolt for a couple more months, so I welcome the update. I cannot wait to deactivate the crap Verizon installed on the phone! I'm hoping Verizon didn't take this feature out of the ICS update! LOL In any case, it's an N4 once this contract ends! Edit: I just read this from Verizon's PDF about the update - "Verizon Apps, Blockbuster, Rhapsody, Verizon Video and Mobile IM app have been removed."
  • I believe in the case of Verizon apps, Verizon Video, and Mobile IM - those products have all been discontinued.
  • Good plan, I'm much happier post Verizon with a N4 lol
  • This truly is unbelievable.
  • Only 380 MB? Wow, that's almost a quarter of your monthly data right there. Sigh.
  • Wifi is your friend =)
  • Friend zone level, Verizon.
  • OTA's don't count against your data allotment.
  • Knowing Verizon, I don't believe that for a second..
  • I couldn't hold out any longer & am currently loving my Droid DNA. My Thunderbolt is currently used as an Mp3 player.
  • And now it's an MP3 player running Android 4.0.1 ;)
  • 4.04 actually.
  • Shut up! Are pigs flying?
  • Probably. Someone should check if hell has frozen over also!
  • Nope. But I did look outside and saw a couple of donkey's flying
  • Confirmed that hell is indeed a winter wonderland.
  • I waited and waited even well beyond the promises, HTC and Verizon taught me a lesson this time around, I'm now on a Nexus 4 and won't be back to either one of these companies any time soon. I didn't expect HSPA+ to blow me away or anything, but it is faster then my TB was on VZW LTE.
  • I doubt this update will actually be beneficial.
  • That's kind of what I'm thinking. Or at a minimum, how many will need to do a master (factory) reset to get things working properly? More often than not it's needed after a major OS jump/upgrade.
  • Praise Jebus!!!
  • Derp
  • Congrats to all the Thunderbolt owners for finally getting ICS. However, I have to beg the question, why now? Why didn't this happen sooner? This phone was launched in March of 2011. Why did it take so long to update it? Did they have the update ready and just forget about it?
  • Exactly, the number of people who are going to benefit from this now seems pretty minimal.
  • Verizon wanted everyone to buy new phones. If they woulda gotten ICS while they still had a TB, they woulda kept it longer instead of upgrading.. Well that's what they're probably thinking anyway..
  • I'm torn. Happy that an older device got an update our angry that it took over a year to do so?
  • I'm looking for my Tbolt but can't find it. I put it to the side soon as I got my S3. The worst phone I ever had. I'm glad I did a 1 year contract. Don't know too many people rocking a Tbolt but better late than never
  • Both of our Thunderbolts have been replaced but are still functioning as secondary wifi-only devices. Will they be able to get this update even without a cellular connection?
  • I have this same question also: will this work over wifi only? I'm thinking no. re: ICS on TBolt. Man, if this isn't an indication that the end of days is near, I don't know what is...
  • Manual update, most likely yes. But if they're not active on a VZW line you won't get the OTA. Just swap SIM cards with your current device if you're still using a VZW 4G device.
  • Likely different size SIMs for most people. New VZW devices have mini or micro SIMs, and the TB has a full size one. Would need and adapter, and frankly, it's not worth the trouble (for me anyway).
  • Yes Richard.
  • Lmfao! I remember this record & that phone!
  • I'm not sure what made me do it, but I watched that whole video :\ hard to believe I used to tuck my over-sized t-shirts into my baggy shorts too...
  • Still have my Thunderbolt I got on the day it launched. I rooted the thing long ago and have been running a ICS rom on it. It's hit or miss at times with it. Alas this update comes way too late for me since as soon as I get my refund I'm buying a new phone.
  • Wow thought that would never happen. I sold mine and moved on a couple months ago.
  • LG Revolution and Samsung Droid Charge your turn. I think this is the first single core phone updated to ics with the exception of the Nexus S.
  • What in the name of Zeus!? Nice! My stock, day 1 Tbolt is ready and willing!
  • must confess i listened the whole Song.... =/
  • Will it automatically update if rooted?
  • If you are rooted, the OTA normally will fail. You can flash the update yourself.
  • I'm very shocked that I left the thunderbolt during the Holidays and picked up GN2 and I'm not looking back and never again buying another HTC phone.
  • I'm with you. This is my second HTC phone and my second disappointment (first was the Droid Eris - apparently I choose poorly). Done with HTC, but holding on to my Tbolt a little longer. Once rooted and some tricks learned it's not been that bad.
  • Just bought a used GNex the other week to replace the aging Bolt anyways, good news though for everyone still stuck with it. I have an upgrade in my pocket, but I'm looking to hold off for either the S4 or M7...or maybe just enjoy unlimited LTE on my Gnex.
  • Idk about everyone else but my bolt is holding up just dandy and this will keep me from upgrading for a little while longer. I mean its a little (understatement of the tech year) late but Ill take it and have fun playing around with ics like the rest of my friends, who will probably probably not see jelly bean for the foreseeable future.
  • Figures...I'm about a week away from ordering a GNII. Maybe I'll wait two weeks now so I can see how the T-Bolt is on ICS!
  • Vision Street Wear, FTW!
  • Wow.. What a very late joke. HTC & Verizon get a big FAIL for this one. I have a Rezound and I think it will be my first & last phone with Verizon if I can find something else I can get a signal with at work. Can't wait til my contract is over.. I wanna go prepaid..
  • I was lucky enough to own both the thunderbolt and the rezound, I was doubly blessed lol,
    Rezound and share everything was my last straw and I went GSM Galaxy Nexus shortly after. Now on the N4
    GSM , prepaid and nexus device perfect combination.
    I'm saving so much money, both with the service plan and the device which I used to upgrade at least twice a year to stay up to date.
  • I'm very glad for the two people who still have this phone lol.
  • So where is it?
  • Yup no update here.
  • Same here. Nothing yet.
  • I will believe it when I see it and to date I have nothing yet.
  • I still have and use my Thunderbolt every day. It has been a great phone from the day I bought it and I have never had a problem with it. People have to b**ch about something so I guess their phone is as good as anything.
  • Great job HTC! It only took you 14 months!
  • WOW...can't believe we are going to get it....believe it when I get the update available message on my phone....wonder how long it will take for VZW to flip the switch??? BTW...this is still gonna be my last HTC phone...I am still gonna get the Droid Maxx HD in March!!!
  • I am pleased to have ICS, but it broke the Hulu Plus app. Am now getting streaming error messages.
  • My husband got the update on his tb 2/5 but I haven't gotten mine yet :( my ota doesn't seem to be working though :( it just pops up "checking for updates" then disappears. Is Verizon gonna push it to my phone? Or is there a way for me to get the update another way? (Ex: going into Verizon store??)
  • This update is very buggy even after several battery pulls and restarts. keep loosing data conection even while stationary. when I open the web browser it seems to keep a previous page instead of opening the home page even clearing history and cache it still opens that page, some apps have become unstatble. VERY FUSTRATING HAAVING WAITED ALL THIS TIME FOR IC. MAYBE VERIZON BUGGED IT ON PURPOSE TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY NEW PHONES!!!!!!