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'HTC Shooter' gets benchmarked, might be the EVO 3D?

Sprint has been coy to say the least about information regarding a true successor to the EVO 4G, but the cat might just be out of the bag if leaked benchmark scores are to be believed. They show a "HTC Shooter" running on Sprint's network along with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and a 960 x 540 resolution screen. In addition, the Adreno 220 GPU found on board is set to be paired with Qualcomm's upcoming slate of dual-core Snapdragon processors - meaning that something along the line of the 1.2 GHz MSM8660 Snapdragon CPU is a real possibility for this device.

The benchmarks themselves are quite impressive, with the device scoring 22.7 fps on GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt. For comparison's sake, the Tegra 2-powered Atrix 4G got a score of 19.4 fps on the same test. 

EVO people, please take short breaths. Sprint should be announcing a bunch of things at CTIA on March 22, so you won't have to wait long to find out. Until then, take to the EVO's section of the Android Central Forums. Please? [GLBenchmark via PocketNow] Thanks to MedioGringo for the tip!

  • Sprint and HTC is turning out to be the DYNAMIC DUO!. . .Can't WAIT to UPdate my EVO!.... No New Contract for me... mine is up in NOV. Then I'll make a choice between 4G carriers. BUT FOR NOW? CAN"T WAIIIIIITTT
  • PRAISE THE HEAVENS, Sprint is finally getting some new high-end phones in their lineup. I am almost in tears... Not really, but I am really excited.
  • "Qualcomm MSM8660" would seem to logically follow "MSM8655" which is the first Snapdragon processor touted as supporting Netflix streaming. Does this mean that this device, should it get one of these two new processors, will be Netflix streaming compatible? *drools in anticipation*
  • Yes. On Qualcomm's site they list built in DRM as a feature on this chip.
  • Hell yeah, I cannot wait for this shiz!
  • The problem with using something like Netflix on on Sprint is their network. Sprint's 3G speeds are like watching a turtle move and their 4G WiMax isn't much better (4G coverage is weak too, even where they say it's available.) If this phone has what I think it's going to have, I'd like to see it on Verizon's LTE network. The speed tests I saw on it last night were amazing! 10 down and 33 megs up!! That was with only 2 bars and it was indoors!! Sprint, now that you're getting, what looks to be, an evolution to the EVO 4G, can you please get your network speeds and coverage up? Some days, I feel like I could deliver a hand written letter, by bicycle, faster then I can send an email using Sprint.
  • Idk what you are talking about I get a good 8 mpbs down were I live
  • Dude I don't knw what network ur talking about cuz my boy has a dx from Verizon n we test all the time n his phone is slow as shit as a matter of fact he ended up gettina an evo cuz Verizon's 3g was slower than sprint 3g
  • Idk where u are, but here in NYC I get great 4G coverage. Just about full bars everywhere. I was in Passaic, NJ the other day and had full bars there too. I have no issues doing anything on 4G.
    As far as the speed test goes, it is impressive but it should be, no ones on the network yet. That's like a tire company saying "we have the greatest tires ever" even though they only tested them on dry pavement. no rain, snow, ice, oily conditions etc. Lets see the speeds after the network is sufficiently saturated before we kill Sprint on having sub par 4G.
  • Finally? They have done a pretty good job of staying up there with the rest. For all the hype over the Thunderbolt it is basically an Evo from over 9 months ago with a little more RAM. I think if anything, handset upgrades aren't the real bottleneck anymore. The hardware is excellent and capable. It's the software scene that needs to catch acceleration, native applications, etc.
  • New EVO. Best thing Ive read on here all week. FIRST
  • fail
  • Babybear= fail
  • after the humiliating Tragedy that was the Kyocera Echo, Sprint will redeem themselves. *love ya sprint*
  • So when is Dan Hesse scheduled to speak at CTIA?
  • Just got a tech-woodie.
  • Heres the plan. Sell my Evo and get this phone since my upgrade is going to be taken away. No contract for me This phone will be great. Lets see how long before its actually available. Hope it isn't june
  • EVOs are nice, but WiMax is already outdated with the release of handsets on LTE starting tomorrow. What the heck was Sprint thinking?
  • There is nothing wrong with wimax. Just the spectrum its being used with by Sprint
  • There is something wrong with picking a technology that uses a frequency that doesn't penetrate buildings very well AND since they won't be changing WiMax spectrums....I ask again, what the heck was Sprint thinking? They were rushing so fast to be first out with a 4G network that they half-***ed it & are now falling behind again. What will they do when they can't fill the gaping holes in their network by having their subscribers roam on the Verizon network?
  • Hate much?? I have an EVO, my 4G works wonderfully inside and outside. Don't hate on Sprint and it's Wimax unless you have it and have had problems, otherwise you are just having diarrhea of the mouth saying stuff you have no idea about.
  • Inside I use Wifi. Outside I use Wimax. There is a huge cost factor as well. City-wide Wimax networks have been in the works forever and are pretty cheap to implement so they aren't going anywhere. If anything, it was a failure of marketing to call it "4G" which makes people think of it as an extension of "3G" data that they are familiar with rather than a wider reaching extension of Wifi.
  • "Please?" Why?
  • I was slightly joking... I know EVO people have been going nuts for Sprint to release something that... isn't the Echo.
  • Do you even know what you're talking about?... Step to the side and let grown folks talk.
  • Sprint was thinking "Hmmmm we have the tech to have faster speed for the same price...let's give it to our customers ASAP" Meanwhile ATT and Verizon are a year late to the game while Sprint had a butt load of new subscribers in 2010.
  • Hmm, ill say ok but only if i can buy off contract and possibly activate with verizon...other wise ill stick with my thunderbolt and wait till the end of the year with my upgrade...
  • Nothing else needs to be said... There SILENCE TURNED OUT TO BE GOLDEN... Now look at the Thunderbolt on Verizon and the price they are charging for a KNOCK OFF EVO and look at the REAL EVO2/3D which device is truly worth the price... I said weeks ago that the thunderbolt should have been the SAME 99.00 The Inspire 4G was on At&t... This is a beautiful REWARD to all the DEDICATED SPRINT HTC EVO 4G CUSTOMERS and they should be proud...Again we are walking away in 2011 with the best Smartphone devices on the market. And to think gingerbread out the box with definate 2.4 Ice Cream for this FLAGSHIP DEVICE.. Sprint and there 2011 lineup WINS ALL CARRIERS.. Two top 2.3gingerbread devices HTC EVO 2/3d and the NEXUS S 4G.... WOW.... Someone got PIMP SLAPPED
  • The problem with this phone coming to Sprint is the network. Have you seen the speeds that the Thunderbolt is getting on LTE at 700mhz with Verizon? All I know is that I'm going to have to take a hard look at what I want... The Thunderbolt with blazing fast data coverage or the EVO 3D, with better features, that I might not be able to take full advantage of?
  • Richard, how is it a reward to Evo owners? You all are still under contract. Since you missed the news , 2.4 is still Gingerbread. Troll on.
  • Most if not all of us who bought EVOs on launch have our upgrades (under the old program), sitting there waiting to be used.
  • Sprint's plans give the primary account holder a new-customer price every year instead of every two years. I got my Evo on launch day so that means on June 6th I will be able to get whatever new phone they put out for $199 or whatever the new customers pay.
  • Too bad they basically gutted that program for everyone except the people that have been there for 10 years or if you have the most expensive plan possible. Yes, I am bitter. I was hoping to capitalize on a phone like this.
  • This is pretty cool news. I cant wait as i am up for a new contract.
  • I'm pumped for this HTC phone but two of my friends would rather have the Echo. I know it makes no sense but I thing the Echo might actually sell a decent amount.
  • Why? Because you know 2 people who want one? Well I know 2 people who have a Pontiac Azetc, but that doesn't mean it isn't the ugliest freaking automobile ever made (Which it is). HA! The Echo is going to flop HARD.
  • What's the evo going for on craigslist in good condition? 300 maybe? Sell it and buy new off contract. Spend the same as you would on a new contract. That's what all my iPhone friends do. That's what ill do. Evo ftw!!!!
  • Even if i am under contract I'm getting it on launch day, don't care! Once again "FIRST" verizon gets a million new phones a week and sprint takes over with one or two phones that set the standard!
  • i can afford two smartphones on sprint but not verizon,so i might grab this phone up,when it drops.
  • Yea this sounds beastly
  • It's sooo funny how everyone said that the LG 3d phone is nothing but a gimmick, but now the Evo 3d has some great benchmarks and specs everybody is loving it. I just don't get it why people bash one thing and yet praise another brand or similarphone. Same thing about the whole kicksand thing. It was stupid on the Evo but great on the thunderbolt. It's cool, I love my Evo and have been proving plenty of people wrong about the Evo. I don't follow trends, I help create them. Lol
  • For the record, I love the kickstand on my EVO and use it all day when I'm at work. I'll be sad when I have to get a phone without it
  • Hmm, some other rumors had suggested the "EVO 3D" might be the LG Optimus 3D. I hope it is this instead, the Optimus has good specs (uses the OMAP4 chipset which domininates Tegra on benches,) but I'd rather have a phone with a higher resolution and thinner profile than the novelty of a 3D (but only at the exact right angle) display and 3D camera. That and I'm hoping that this next phone has lots of internal memory as 32GB MicroSDHC cards are too bloody expensive.
  • Just upgraded one line.. and have another upgrade in November... COME ON SPRINT.. DON'T FAIL ME NOW!!!!
  • I'm so amped for CTIA. Once again the EVO will dominate. HTC + Sprint=magic
  • I love it when sprint is rumored to have a 3D phone all the verizon fan boys comment. I get about 8 mbps down and 2mbps up when using wimax. I dont expect a home internet speed when using my cell phone on the go. People are just jealous because they get their version of the evo when sprint is already working on an improved evo.
  • I take it the Thunderbolt won't be king of the hill for more than a week or two. I'll bet the true red fanboys aren't going to like it very much.
  • The thunderbolt was NEVER king of the hill.
  • When I read that this bad boy could possibly be announced on the 22nd... A tear rolled slowly down my face. I am truly happy!
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  • HELL YEA!!! I love my evo specially with cm7 but I have no contract n ready for an upgrade so hurry up evo2