HTC Sensation hits the FCC with 850/1900MHz radios

Well what do we have here? It's the FCC label for an HTC phone slugged PG58110. And as you should all know by now -- there will be a test later -- that appears to be a variant of the PG58100, otherwise known as the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile. So what's new in this PG58110 version? Oh, just radios that work on the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies.

So for those of us in the states, we immediate start to think "It's coming to AT&T!" Maybe. The 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies indeed are what AT&T uses for 3G. But we really have no indication for it hitting AT&T just yet. The other (and very likely possibility) is that the Sensation will soon be headed to a Canadian carrier that uses the same freqs. But that leaves the door open for some not-so-cheap imports. Stay tuned, folks

Source: FCC; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Phil Nickinson
  • SWEET! I hope it comes to AT&T and I'll ditch my Inspire. I hope it also has NFC which was rumored on second version of the Sensation. Do we now if this FCC filing shows NFC?
  • Nice, I hope the radio will be 21Mbps HSDPA instead of the 14Mbps HSDPA of the AWS band radio.
  • I just want a Galaxy S II from the carriers. I can't drop $750 for the international version, but I can probably manage an early upgrade price of about $450. The Sensation is weak sauce compared to the SGSII in my opinion.
  • could be the holiday?
  • Holiday will be the release of the next Nexus device loaded with ICS. It's just a rumour but it makes a lot of sense.
  • I can almost guarentee that it will be coming to TELUS. There are 3 major carriers in Canada. Rogers doesn't sell HTC devices anymore after they had an issue with the HTC Magic. That leaves Bell and TELUS. They usually have an equal split of devices on each carrier, but they are always exclusives. Bell just got the Incredible 2, so I think/hope that it's coming to TELUS. I would sell them for list price + $75
  • I just got a test drive at a corporate TMo store and the Sensation is a beautiful phone. Screen was real crisp and it seemed very quick. It was a lot thinner feeling than it looks like online which is nice . It feels nice and solid but light. Who ever buys it will love it.
  • Pardon what maybe be an ignorant question, but does the FCC process filings for Canada or something? I guess I am assuming that if something goes through the FCC, that would mean it would be for an American carrier. But, perhaps it is more complicated than that. Anyway, I am just looking for some education.
  • I'm not sure why, but all Canadian phones go through the FCC. It might be because Canada is so close to the US that they need to make sure that nothing interferes with US frequencies, but it might also be that since Canada doesn't have anything like the FCC, except the CRTC, that they use the FCC. I'm not exactly sure, but thats my opinion or thoughts from a Canadian (Go Canucks!)
  • Canada does have an equivalent agency to the US FCC. It is called Industry Canada. If a device passes FCC certification it doesn't need to pass through Industry Canada. More than likely devices sold in Canada are also sold in the US so by just passing FCC you kill two birds with one stone.