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HTC Sensation 4G now available from Bell

Today is the day if you've been holding out for the HTC Sensation to arrive on Bell. The device is now available through their website and local retailers on a 3-year contract for $149 with the no-contract pricing reaching $549. We've reviewed the HTC Sensation a few times now and needless to say it's an easy recommendation for anyone who's shopping a new a device -- even more so when HTC gets around to unlocking the boot loader. However, we can't forget the fact the Samsung Galaxy S II is also around the corner for Bell but if you're set on the Sensation you'll find the link below.

Source: Bell

  • At this point I am now waiting for the mythological Nexus Prime. Naked Android is all I want... wait, that came out wrong.
  • Will this version work on AT&T?
  • Straight from Bell's site "HSPA/UMTS: 850/1900 MHz
    GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Those 850 and 1900's mean 3g and edge available on AT&T's Network
  • Any websites where we can get it?
  • Wow 3 years Is this normal for Canada ???
  • Unfortunately it is. The only difference between those contracts and selling your soul to the Devil is that in the latter case it's easier to find a loophole.
  • bell could give away the best ever android phone ever , i would not EVER EVER sign a contract with them , hell they could pay me to sign a contract i wouldn't , their billing follows no logic
  • wld rather pay the $549 cz 3 yrs z a long tymr