HTC has posted their financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012, and the results aren't very pretty. Normally, Q4 is a pretty good time to be an electronics manufacturer, but last year HTC only was able to pull in just NT$1 billion ( about $34.5 million) on NT$60 billion ( about $2.7 billion) in sales. The full, but brief, overview of the numbers is at the source link.

While most of us reading would be ecstatic to pocket $34,000,000.00, this number pales when compared to results from Samsung and Apple -- HTC's major competitors and known money making machines. The good news is that HTC understands they have a cash problem, and thinks they have an idea how to solve it -- marketing. The hiring of a new marketing chief and a refocus on the quality of their products is the plan for 2013. We hope it works well for HTC, as a market dominated by one player isn't good for anyone.

Source: HTC