HTC Magic with T-Mobile Branding Clears the FCC!

Though we already knew that the HTC Magic went through the FCC's rigorous testing process we didn't have any photo evidence to prove it. This time, we're coming through with the pictures!

These pictures all but confirm that the HTC Magic will be releasing on T-Mobile (apparently Android's favorite carrier) because the T-Mobile logo is smack on top. So we can safely assume that the HTC Magic will have T-Mobile's 1700 MHz band of 3G along with the 2100 MHz Euro flavor. There are reports buzzing that the camera has been bumped up to 5 megapixels and that it'll support UMA. Very interesting.

What we're wondering is why is the picture showing the old prototype-model of the HTC Magic? When are we going to see the real life device depicted in the product shots? We want our button layout now!


Casey Chan