HTC Lead headed to AT&T, system dump leaked

We're still taking in all of the leaks that have popped up in the past day or two but one that stands out currently is the system dump for the upcoming HTC Lead. According to the information that can be stripped out of the dump, this device is starting to sound similar to the HTC Inspire 4G with some more horsepower:

  • Android 2.3.4
  • 768MB RAM
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • 5MP camera on the back
  • 4.3" WVGA (800×480) display
  • Dual-core 1.2GHz processor (MSM8660)

Any case, not a whole lot more can be derived from the system dump at this point -- unless some developers are willing to dig through it for more. Either way though, still nice to see some new devices headed to AT&T. Let's just hope they make sure sideloading is enabled on newer devices.

Source: 911Sniper; Image via Pocketnow

  • MSM8660 is only used in CDMA phones.....8260 is the one they use in GSM.
  • Looks like at&t is loading up on some nice devices.
  • That looks like a pretty decent phone. I hope it ends up being a world phone, then I'd consider it. But what's up with the weird name (tho to be fair, HTC are nowhere near as bad as Samsung when it comes to names)? And is it supposed to be pronounced "led" or "leed"? Upon seeing it, my first thought was "Why would HTC want to name their phone after a heavy, soft metal? Does it really weigh that much?" LOL Damn homographs (words that are spelt the same but pronounced differently)...
  • Every single phone AT&T has released for the last 4-5 years has been a world phone.
  • Thanks, I didn't know that. I'm still fairly new to AT&T and don't know much about their phones, other than my own iPhone 4. I'm waiting for the Galaxy S2 to come to AT&T so I can try it out and decide if I want to upgrade to it and come back to Android. This HTC phone looks worthy of consideration as well, as it looks pretty comparable to the S2 in most respects. I look forward to trying them both out.
  • Why continue putting phones out without a front facing camera? Oh well I guess still seems decent.
  • why is the camera only 5MP's
  • It doesn't matter how many MPs it is. The higher the MP, the worse the quality. You won't know the difference between 8 and 5 MP, so why not have the one with better image quality (5 MP) ?
  • Here here. A lot of people don't realize that these stats arms races have unintended consequences as vendors scramble to increase the stat that people go by while hoping that nobody notices that the stats that actually matter got worse.
  • A 8 megapixel camera is better than a comparable 5 megapixel camera
    It is true that some 5 megapixel cameras are better than bad 8 mp cameras but there are 3.2 mp cameras better than cheap 5mp cameras
    Samsungs new 8 megapixel camera is one of the best ever in a phone
    Htcs new 5mp and 8mp have also gotten great reviews
  • Not sure if this is what you are trying to say or not, but let me simplify it (with punctuation!). megapixels do not have anything to do with picture quality. The only thing a megapixel dictates is the size of the raw image you are taking. It's the equivalent of a megabit vs. a bit, etc. What actually matters is the quality of the lense the camera uses. If a camera has 12mp and uses a cheap lense, it's just going to look like a giant blurry/blotchy/crappy photo. comparatively, a 5mp camera with a high quality lense will make everything look clean, clear and evenly (and naturally) colored. Where megapixels really matter are for those who take professional photos, or people who want to make large prints of their photos. If you are just using your phone for facebook and forum pictures, 1.2mp is plenty, as long as there is a quality lense.
  • This is very true; it's not so much the number of megapixels you have, but rather the quality of the optics and sensor that matters.
  • Hopefully this is not true
    tmobile gets sensation sprint evo3d
    att- decontented version