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HTC improves Sense with latest offerings

With HTC's announcement of the Legend and Desire comes a new and improved version of its Sense user interface.

The biggest change is the addition of "Friendstream," HTC's new answer to social networking, aggregating your Flicker, Twitter and Facebook friends in an elegant and easy-to-use widget. The Peep Twitter client is on board, and you can upload video directly to YouTube, par for the course.

And that pinch-to-zoom we've seen on video before? It's there.

Toss on top of that improvements to the e-mail and calendar widgets -- better account management in the inbox and an agenda view as well -- as well as full-screen weather on the clock widget, and Sense is rocking harder than ever.

But wait, there's more. HTC has upped the ante with improvements to the Android browser, bringing the ability to long-press a word or paragraph and look it up straightaway in a dictionary, or send it for translation to another language via Google.

All in all, a worthy update to an elegant user interface, and one we'll look forward to seeing on as many devices as possible.

  • Nice updates to Sense...Can't wait for the Desire/Bravo to be released stateside. HTC would be so wrong if they only opened up this phone for Europe/Asia only. My gut feeling is it will be launched sometime around late March/ early April on Verizon...any takers on this bet? I did notice that Vzw is starting their BOGO for the Pre and the Droid for a Droid...interesting, no?
  • The Desire should be in the states probably around late Q2. It will be hard for some to choose between that and the rumored Incredible. Its all about the preference. I can not wait for 2.1 to come OTA. I am an Eris user and have waited patiently for even just 1.6 to no avail. This makes my purchase worth it and am surprised that others have not picked up on the fact that everything at VZW is BOGO right about now. You can't go wrong with the Eris or Droid. True, the newer phones are great, but those who hung on with 1.5 should celebrate. HTC and Google are taking over. Its about time people notice.
  • If this comes out as Verizon's version of the Nexus One, then a March/April release would make sense. My fingers are crossed! :)