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HTC Flyer getting a 3D makeover?

So this thing hit our inbox, and Jerry and I are going back and forth on how much of a Photoshop job it might be. At first glance, you have what appears to be the upper housing of the HTC Flyer tablet, with 3D cameras and a new speaker grille. Chinese site 175wan, where the picture originated, opines that it's a second-generation Flyer, and that could be. Everybody and their mother's doing 3D these days.

But here's another thought: Absent of any other images, or anything other than this removable housing (remember, the removable microSD card lives under there), it's entirely possible we're looking at a prototype. Or some sort of knockoff. Or just some unholy plastic extrusion that's not fit for beast or man.

If in fact it is for a 7-inch 3D tablet, the next thing we'll question is weather you'll need glasses to view the 3D content, like the T-Mobile G-Slate, or if it'll be glasses-free, like HTC's own EVO 3D.

Source: (translated); thanks, fishtoon, for the tip

  • is that necesary
  • On the top right above the speaker there is a hole? And 3d glasses free would be good in a tablet but this..... looks UGLY lol I mean so far of what we can see anyways
  • The hole is for headphones... How else are they gonna do 3D without 2 cameras? It doesn't look ugly to me. 3D isn't necessary, but it is cool, and for 3D you NEED 2 cameras
  • If HTC thinks that people would have bought the Flyer if only it had 3D, someone needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with them.
  • Just get the stupid 10.1 honeycomb shit already~!!
  • I doubt it will be 3D with glasses. Considering the EVO 3D is glasses free 3D I'd assume they'd use that technology. BUT I can see why they might use with glasses 3D. The screens bigger so the production cost would be significantly less if it wasn't glasses free. I guess we'll see
  • I love the 3d on the EVO and i would love it on my flyer, but i already bought the flyer and can't afford another one! Or......maybe I can give my flyer to the wife to justify getting this one!
  • Those don't look like camera holes to me. More like propulsion mechanisms. Either jet exhaust holes or hovercraft covers. But, my highly trained intellectual brain suspects it is something far grander. The long awaited anti-gravity propulsion system! This early prototype is clearly beta and is meant for disposable test subjects like hamsters. This limits the possible damage such a device can inflict upon the human race. So good of HTC to keep our safety in mind.
  • I wish they would give up on this 3d gimmicky nonsense. I don't need 3D. I don't know anyone who needs 3D on their tablet either. I don't need it one anything actually. What I do need is better battery life.
  • Oh YOU don't want 3D, and since you and your friends are the center of the universe, that must mean nobody else in this world would want it. You're right. Down with 3D and anyone who likes it! Down with any type of differentiation in Android devices! Better yet, why don't we just become Apple 2 and just make one device (which of course would have to be approved by the new Steve Jobs: JNM)
  • Glasses-free 3D is only plausible on small screens using the current technology. It basically blocks half the horizontal pixels from one eye and the other half from the other eye. I'm not sure what the exact size limitation is, but after a certain size this method no longer easily works. You're eyes are too close together. You'd either have to pop your eyes out and hold them farther apart or resort to glasses technology. If this is a glasses-free 3D tablet, it must be pushing the limit on how big it can be. Or maybe this is proof that the pic is faked?
  • I have the Evo 3D and I didn't know what I'd think of the 3D effect either. I don't ever watch 3D movies amd don't really play the 3D games BUT I do LOVE taking my own 3D pictures and videos. That's where it works and is fun for me. To each his own. Don't speak as though you speak for everyone who buys phones. This picture I think is a fake. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the flyer have that piece at the top while it's in portrait mode? The Evo 3D camera and all 3D has to be in landscape for the screen tech to work correctly. The only other way would be with glasses but I don't see that from HTC. That's for the current design of the Flyer/Evo View. A new design, however, could change all of that.
  • I don't need freaking 3D on a tablet. Why can't I get a color wheel and a compatible sketching app!
  • I don't get why everyone complains about 3d. Who doesn't want the latest tech???? It's not like u are forced to see everything on it in 3d!!!
  • Yeah, I don't get it either. How much higher resolution or thinness makes a difference? Do people really get stoked because one is .1 mm thinner or has 100 pixels more than the other? Battery life? Man up, get some extra batteries. No battery lasts forever.
  • I believe that 3D would be lovely on a tablet.
    I take into account all those people who say 3D is just a gimmick. Wait until the tech gets really good and 3D displays are cheap as he'll. If you don't adopt at that point you're either sleeping with your ipad or fantasizing about Steve Jobs.
  • Yeah i thought 3d on a phone was a gimmick before I seen megamind 3d on my EVO 3d! I mean....It's freakin AMAZING!!!!
  • What the hell is realmike on? Whatever it is, they have rehab and psychiatric hospitals for crazy s@#t like that. If your such a self proclaimed genius, go get some help, please. What a nut job!!!
  • Erroneous comment about my love or hate for the need of 3D
  • I wish you could choose the same device with 3D or with a better camera or screen resolution since the cost would be the same in the end. Something like a build your own phone/tablet type deal. I don't care for 3D (I turn it off on my 3DS) and would much prefer them put the money into other specs.