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HTC EVO 4G rooted before its official release

Yes you read it correctly :)  The Sprint Evo 4G appears to have been rooted, before its officially released.  Android developer Matt Mastracci at his blog has some pictures to show us, and by the looks of things the HTC EVO 4G has been rooted. This is excellent news, and the development community should  quickly grow for this beast. 

Sorry Incredible users, looks like this one won't work for you.  But have no fear, the right people are hard at work.

Follow the jump to see a few more pics and blurrycam video of the results.  You can bet we're keeping a watchful eye on this one.  Stay tuned. []

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Looks like Froyo will be on the Evo sooner than though (although via a root)!
  • I wonder if I should do this when I get it... going to be first android device and I don't know why I should/shouldn't besides being able to get an unstable update earlier... Are there any other reasons, or is it probably better for the avg person not to? Do i have the ability to get more widgets or apps this way? -thnx
  • Reason not to do it: voids warrantee (but either can be reversed or f'd up beyond recognition of it being there in the first place) Reason to do it: Lots more apps, ability to flash recovery (when one is made for it), ability to put Froyo early (when some dev ports one over). So clearly, the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Warranty is def a big thing for me since Sprint is amazing with keeping the phone working when I bring it in, and have even given me a brand new 1 before free of charge. Let's say I root my EVO, and it works, but the phone down the line bricks somehow... If I brought it back to Sprint, what would be a way for me to show them that it was rooted, an easy removal of the root, or is it always visible, or a lot more difficult than that?
  • If an RUU is available, you can unroot using the RUU from a windows computer. If you brick the phone, then there is now way to show anything, but it would be kinda obvious. Rules of thumb:
    Don't flash Radios unless you are 100% positive its for the phone.
    Don't try flashing ROMs not for your specific device
  • Thank you very much.
  • i have so much reading to do this week. i was pretty good with my pre when it came to accessing it. now i have to start learning about android. but this is very good news
  • Oh I am doing it! :-)
  • I may do it :)
  • I knew this was going to happen... Can't wait... I'll try this Day 1
  • My only drawback is that I'm actually a fan of HTC Sense. Really want Froyo but also want Sense on top of it. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • Being new to this and still trying to figure out rooting, why is it that you loose Sense when you root? Doesn't rooting just get rid of the limitations the cell company puts within it? Sorry if that's an ignorant question...just trying to learn about it as I really want the tethering ability of 2.2 on the Evo I get in less than 2 weeks! :-) Thanks.
  • You don't loose sense. As you can see in the pictures, the dev still has sense. If you want a ported Froyo, you aren't going to get one with sense until some device with sense has it released (Evo, Incredible, Doubtful for Eris/Hero, considering the bang-up job they did with 2.1 :/)
    BTW, you can get tethering on 2.1 w sense without installing Froyo. I have it on my hero. Don't know if any of the versions out work on this phone yet, time will tell.
  • Ah! Thank you! That makes perfect sense (no pun intended).
    Hero (Sprint) is my next project when I switch due to Evo in a couple of weeks so that my mother can use the Hero for the internet in the updated/rooted version. Surfing through all the wonderful info on this site to figure out how to do that!
  • Awesome news!
  • I'm new to this, so what exactly does this mean??
  • I got it..:)
  • i'm guessin if we can root we will be able to do free tethering instead of have'n to pay the extra 30 a month.. am i right? as for froyo i will wait cuz i like the sense on my girls hero
  • depends if the any of the versions out work for it. We'll see.
  • What is the hold up on Incredible?
  • Well, with the media surrounding this phone, it has brought more attention to it than the Incredible did for VZW. Verizon snuck in the Incredible with very little announcement beforehand. Also, you have less devs working on VZW phones (with the exception of the Droid). Just because the Incredible looks a lot like the Evo, doesn't mean they are built on the same kernel (we learned this with the Eris/Hero, which appear to be the same phone until you try to root them).
  • ok.. but.. the EVO isn't even out yet.. the Incredible has been out for a month.. kernels aside.. dev's have had a lot more hands on time with the DINC than the EVO.. just sayin.
  • And it looks like the Incredible has been locked down by HTC/Verizon much tighter than the EVO was. Trust me, some of the best mobile-space hackers on the planet are looking at the DInc :)
  • yeshhhhhhhhhhhhh shadowmite is a pimp
  • eek!
  • I told myself I wouldn't get the Evo until it was rooted (i like my root only apps)... Now I have a dilema, crap!
    I shouldn't get this phone on June 4th, because I should be studying for my board exams on June 9th and I know I won't put the phone down if I do.
  • Yet another Palm Pre convert. Looking at the rooting and wondering where to find apps for a rooted Android. I'd like to see what's available before I go through the hassle. Any websites anyone care to point me to? Thanks
  • The market. Rooted apps don't violate the terms and agreements. Another one you might be interested in is this:
    which has the wifi tether app for sideloading (place on sd card then install using an apk installer or file manager).
  • Once the phone is rooted will it be able to get the 2.2 Update with Flash?? ANYONE
  • Yeah theres a lot of great developers that have sprint.
  • Like this guy ^^^
  • This just makes me want this bad boy even more now.Can't wait to see what all we can come up with to run on this.Now just have to find away to get my hands on one.
  • Is their a way that my evo can be rerooted, because I did the update that HTC sent out that patched the root on accident.