HTC EVO 3D desktop docking station shows up on Best Buy's website

The HTC EVO 3D (see our hands-on) will be available to the masses on June 24 (check out everywhere you can get one and for how much). The anticipated successor the EVO 4G is likely going to have a large user base who all want to use the hot new device in a variety of ways.

One accessory, the Micro USB Desktop Docking Station, made by HTC, has appeared on Best Buy's website already, is sure to entice future EVO 3D owners.

The docking station is Micro USB and is intended to be used when hooked up to your PC or Mac to keep the phone charged.

The accessory will cost $49.99 from Best Buy and is currently listed as "coming soon."

Source: Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Sean Brunett
  • This would rock if they'd built a physical keyboard into it.
  • Awesome. Hoping this is available when the EVO 3D launches. But $50 is quite steep for a dock. Price gouging FTL.
  • Well, at least that makes up for the crappy location of the charging port on the side like the Thunderbolt. Now you can at least watch video while the phone is charging. Too bad you need another device to do it with. :(
  • What a thing of beauty!
  • Why can't HTC put out a dock like that for the Thunderbolt!! Ugh.
  • Great, still waiting on that Droid Incredible 1 dock. You know, the one that allows for landscape view. Sigh. (yes, I know it got cancelled, just being snarky).
  • Trust me this thing will launch in the next 9days with plenty of items that all of us will be happy to purchase. Starting off with that HTC kickstand case as well as another 1730 or 1900 millamp battery. Hopefully this time around the retail packaging will have some nice ear buds just like the Sensatil does. Last year the Evo only had the charging items NO EXTRAS. EVO 3D WILL RULE
  • will there be a 1900 maH battery that is the same size as the 1730 mah battery in the Evo 3D and 100% compatible? If so, I'll be all over that.
  • Um.... see thunderbolt launch..... Still waiting on the official dock.
  • Can anyone explain why basically a USB cable is 50 bucks? These companies love ripping us off on accessories since they know they usually get our up-front money and nothing else. Also love the "Hey, we gave you a weak battery, but look, we have this official higher-capacity one you can buy instead for 50 bucks more"
  • +1 Exactly. Not like this is inductive charging, or has anything really interesting in it...
  • wtf 50 bucks for a hunk of plastic, no cable, no nothing. no thank you. this is just a tilted cable tip. manufacturing value 25 cents if that
  • Yeah, if it had the MHL to HDMI conversion function built in, then it would be worthwhile.
  • A lot of you guys are starting to sound like the mindless drones that hang from Iphone's tit. Who's going to want to lug this thing around? And I am a HTC EVO 4G user, since its release. But I swear, it sounds like everyone sipped the 3D kool-aid. 3D... I think that dual camera crap is a fad, where people will reflect on it the way we do at 1970's fashion.
  • Perhaps u haven't read much about this phone but the 3D isn't the only great thing about it... the E3D waayyy outperforms the older gen EVO in gaming. I believe the adreno 220 gpu (in the new EVO) has 8 times the processing power of the adreno 200 (in the older EVO). Also making it handle video and mirroring way better. If u arnt a gamer then the older EVO is still awesome and doesn't warrent an upgrade as much (well besides the better camera sensor mayb).
  • Exactly.. The 3D part may be a gimmick but the rest of the specs dominate everything else.
  • This just in... The USB port is on the side, and the bottom side (landscape) at that...WTF?? So if I had the stand case, I wouldn't be able to charge it while on the stand. I would be forced to use this $50 piece of junk? I can't believe I just noticed that. I love using my evo with the stand out and still being able to charge it. I have micro usb cables in my car, at work, and all over my house. In order to achieve the same results, I would have to spend more on these things than the device itself. UGH I'm like a week away from getting my 3D and I'm thinking FML after seeing this.
  • this isn't a MHL to HDMI? so then that makes this a piece of molded plastic & charging cable. I think I will wait till there is one that docks for charging & is connected to my TV.
  • Isn't 50 pucks a bit too much for this
    Sure it looks okay , but its to big compared to the Motorola docks & its kinda lame to be this big without having extra ports (HDMI , 3.5mm , ...etc)