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EVO 3D and EVO View 4G tablet found on the Sprint website

We're guessing here but we're pretty sure Sprint didn't get the message when the Samsung Nexus S 4G turned up on their site that they really shouldn't publish such things ahead of time. Of course, it is always great to be prepared but given that pretty much all of their CTIA line-up has been thus far discovered on the Sprint website itself one would think they would try harder to hide these things. Thankfully though, they didn't.

As you all can tell from the shot above both the EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G have been spotted on the Sprint site. No other details go along with the images as it's all just sign up pages and what appears to be mailers for email but we'll get the official announcements soon enough. No sense in spoiling that fun right now. [Sprint (1) via Engadget]

  • I wonder.... How much people are regretting buying the Thunderbolt?
  • Not me. I'm not buying anymore wimax crap. 3D is a gimmick to me anyway. And for the tablet, even though I love HTC, I will not buy a non-honeycomb tablet.
  • Can anyone actually think for themselves? Or actually speak objectively? Why do you consider 3D to be a gimmick? Have you seen AC's hands-on of the LG Optimus 3D? It actually works well and is very impressive. What is a gimmick to do? To get you to by the most technologically advanced smartphone, regardless of the 3D display? Stop being a sheep. And the Evo View is upgradable to Honeycomb, obviously.
  • Useless = gimmick. Sorry, but having an unpopular opinion doesn't make you cool.
  • so all the 3D movies, games, and YouTube content out there doesn't really exist? and 3D TVs are useless too?
  • Of course the 3D content exists, as do the 3D TVs that are equally useless. While I could waste time being upset over the man hours devoted to putting 3D tech into phones that could've been spent optimizing battery performance or some other feature that people have actually asked for, I'm fine with the Evo 3D as long as (a) I can turn the 3D off and (b) I still get a qHD screen.
  • Dude u can turn it off. Even w/o 3D the phone is wasome. Why is everyone only focusing on the 3D.
  • Did I enter an intellectual free zone? First someone insinuates that I argued that 3D videos on YouTube didn't exist; now someone infers that I actually doubted that the E3D's 3D effect could be turned off. Let me idiot-proof the offending phrase: "as long as I can turn if off" means "since I can turn if off". Why is "everyone" focused on the 3D? Maybe it's "the man hours devoted to putting 3D tech into phones that could've been spent optimizing battery performance or some other feature that people have actually asked for" that I mentioned.
  • 3D may be cool, but it is not necessary for me, so I don't want or need it. I would prefer a non-3D phone on a 4G network that can penetrate buildings thank you very much.
  • actually 4G does penetrate buildings. You just need to be in a strong 4G signal area. If you look Sprints 4G coverage map, you will see that 75% of their 4G coverage is "in building" and the other 25% is "on street". Dude, you obviously don't use Sprint 4G and you are just regurgitating public opinion that is true some places but false other places. I do use Sprint 4G and in a strong signal area I can get 3-4 bars out of 6 inside a building that normal cellphone signal normally penetrates.
  • "regurgitating public opinion" I did have a EVO. I can show the pics I took of it for my ebay listing for it. Can you explain why I was sandwiched between two 4G towers in two different locations and had to put the phone on a window sill to get a 4G signal? Can you also explain why every time I picked up the dam phone, the 4G signal dropped? I can: The 2.5GHz signal sprint 4G runs on, doesn't get in a lot of buildings and doesn't travel far. You need five 2.5 GHz (sprint 4G) towers to equal the range and penetration of one 700 MHz (verizon LTE) tower.
  • Maybe you had a dud phone? Or live in a lead house? Who doesn't have WiFi inside at home? Who knows, sure it doesnt penetrate inside ideally, but once again who doesn't have wifi? Regardless, what you are describing definitely is NOT the results that everyone else gets with an EVO, end of story. And the new phone is RUMORED to have WiMax+LTE, I'm doubtful, but it would be amazing if true.
  • Dud phone? Not necessarily, my mom's EVO had the same problems, not to mention, I constantly read online people complaining about the sprint 4G signal being weak. And its kinda hard to justify paying $30 a month (plus the extra $10 Sprint charges) for a service I should be receiving and having to use wifi. And as for always being around wifi indoors, did you ever consider I may be at someone's house who has a password on their router? Or maybe my work doesn't provide wifi? Or maybe the wifi connection around me is slower than 4G (not everyone can afford high-speed net)?
  • If you cant afford high speed at home, you have larger issues. If your office doesn't provide wifi, you need a new job. In all of these rare cases, where you have no 4G connection and no WiFi connection indoors.......USE 3G! 3G was the standard for EVERY other carrier 2 weeks ago, but all of the sudden it is a HUGE deal when 1 day out of the year in a super rare circumstance you are indoors, without wifi, without 4g, and have to fall back on a 1mpbs 3G connection. OH NOs!!
  • Woah. First, I didn't mean I have a slow home internet connection, I meant IF I was somewhere were the wifi was slower. Second, why would I choose to tie myself to a company who doesn't provide a service that reaches where I need it to, when I could simply go to elsewhere who can provide me with good service for little price difference (verizon)?
  • "Obviously", the fact that I use an Evo 4G and lack signal in areas that theoretically fall in Sprint's in-building coverage spots means that I'm regurgitating public opinion. You're such an independent thinker that other people's reality doesn't seem to apply. Obviously, anyone who's not getting good indoor 4G in an ostensibly 4G area can't possibly be on Sprint.
  • Like Evomaster, I could care less about 3D or WiMax. WiMax at 2.5ghz just sux!! As for getting the new EVO 3D, I'm waiting to see if it does offer both WiMax and LTE radios for future compatibility. If not, I'm going to Verizon and most likely with the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt does everything I need a phone to do and it does it well. Plus the speeds and coverage of Verizon's LTE can't be beat right now. It's actually usable, when you're in an LTE covered area. And unlike Sprint's WiMax, I'm hearing Verizon's handoff from 3g to 4G and from tower to tower is seamless.
  • Dude, Sprint's WIMAX coverage is WAY more expansive than VZ's LTE. And as a current Evo user, I consistently get speeds of 6 - 9 mbps down. And Sprint's 4G to 3G switching is also seamless. So before you go saying things like "unlike Sprint's Wimax" maybe you should actually talk to an Evo user who knows what they're talking about, because obviously don't.
  • I had a EVO too. I sold it for the TB. Now, I am pulling 24mbps down and 3 up in my BASEMENT.
  • actually based on tests I have seen from Engadget, Phonedog, Wirefly, it's more like 3-6 down and 24 up
  • If UR on this site why RU Worried about future LTE. You should know that it would be a couple years out. I know you wont have the same phone two years from now with quad core coming this winter.
  • Nothing but the best from sprint
  • Sprint hurry up and give out the specs!
  • AC has already given you the specs. But here are some again:
  • yes, but those specs are incomplete.... here is what's missing... NFC?
    fm radio?
    Hdmi out?
    Accelerometer, gyroscope, both?
    Battery life?
    dual mic for noise cancellation?
    Gingerbread? I know some of these specs were addressed in leaked rumors but in the official confirmation, they are absent.
  • This clearly PIMP SLAPS the thunderbolt senseless
  • Yes Richard, new devices with an obsolete radio in them. You did hear that Clear is dead, right? No more wimax markets. Yep, nothin but the best from Sprint.
  • Guess that'll unclog the airwaves. MORE FOR ME! Now go sit in the corner and suck your thumb with your T-Bolt and try to figure out how to turn off the LTE you're not getting while your battery is getting juiced!
  • you've got a point. Sprints 4g is obsolete. Clear isn't dead but they have stopped putting money into the infrastructure because the technology is dead. That's why we heard the rumors that sprint was going to buy t-mobile, because lte is gsm based.
  • Keep drinking the kool-aid brah.
  • yeah that's why Sprint has 4G in over 70 metro markets nationwide. More than any other carrier. Because the technology is dead, right?
  • lol... Sprint stopped putting money into their wimax network because they know. Look at the At&t/Tmobile thing. The only carrier objective to it is Sprint because Sprint wanted Tmobile so they could build up an LTE network. They just couldnt afford it because of how much money was put into clear. As you see its all about data, the voice market is saturated, and now AT&T will have the strongest LTE network assuming everything goes to plan. Wimax never was a true player unless they can do something with this WIMAX2. But even HSPA+ is better and LTE advanced is more than likely the future. I'm an evo user and I plan on getting the Evo 3d because its going to be at least a year before anything big changes and I dont plan on having it for more than a year.
  • Yeah, the radio is so obsolete, that is why it is currently in 70 metro markets, more than ATT and Verizon's 4G spectrums. That's why I am getting 4G speeds of 8.5+ mbps. Because the Wimax is dead.
  • LTE is not GSM based. I don't know why people think that.
  • sim card = gsm to some people
  • Thats what the Reps are teaching in the field. < mobile store manager
  • Just out of curiosity, why do Sprint/Evo peeps all have to trash other phones and or companies? We all love android let's bring something to the table. That being said we don't have official specs for these (that I have seen) let's hope they really blow the lid off of the evo standard.
  • Serously, I don't get it. We're all android fans. There is no reason to shit on any phone thats not EVO.
  • dual core? or a "tank" of a phone thats gonna perform like a flip phone?
  • Im a EVO owner and im dont bash other phones. The atrix was the first moto phone that I would've actually wanted to own until the EVO 3D was mentioned. It feels good to wn the #1 selling android phone but I do root for all android phones. I root for phones to blow the EVO away because that makes the next evo even that much more powerful. So sombody please blow the evo away so that the 2012 EVO will be forced to be that much better.
  • Im a EVO owner and im dont bash other phones. The atrix was the first moto phone that I would've actually wanted to own until the EVO 3D was mentioned. It feels good to wn the #1 selling android phone but I do root for all android phones. I root for phones to blow the EVO away because that makes the next evo even that much more powerful. So sombody please blow the evo away so that the 2012 EVO will be forced to be that much better.
  • Ohhhh an EVO with 3D.. its a gimmick and nothing to get excited about lol. No one really cares about 3D. Hell the best news I heard about android phones this weekend was the Gzone android phone. Hmmmmm 3d or a water proof tank of a phone which serves a greater purpose. I'm gonna go with the one that is not a fad
  • 3D is just a added bonus. The specs are insane by themselves. Go flame elsewhere.
  • And for the record I'm a die hard moto fan but honestly android has flat lined in surprises. All this 3Dcrap is worthless. Bring something to the table that betters our mobile lives or go away.
  • The Evo 3D specs have been out.
    1.2 Ghz dual core
    4.3" qHD 960x540
    Dual 5 MP cameras on back
    1.3 front cam
    1080p 2D recording
    720p 3D recording
  • Also 1GB or RAM, 4G of ROM, comes with 8 GB MicroSD card installed
  • Don't like 3d? Turn it off! Its not rocket science! Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others don't. Don't buy it, i will. Check the specs, this phone is and will be the best just like the original! If u ain't got and evo, then u just have a phone!
  • Amen, now that's good preachin
  • About fn'ng time sprint has sumthing great. They missed ces & mwc. If they didn't have nothing this time around , me and many others would have left them..what u mean clear is dead? Any links to that article?
  • Sprint know's exactly what they are doing with there network and regardless of what they decide continuing with wimax or going to lte they will be fine. People better pay very close attention to the forming relationship between Google/Sprint that is now taking place with this possible ag&t purchases of tmobile android will be left in the cold and sprint represents that carrier that truly cares and has supported android for a while now. Tmobile placed android on the map in 2008 if tmobile becomes at&t affordable service will disappear that is why google will throw ALL THERE SUPPORT BEHIND SPRINT and there integration of Google voice on sprint devices only clearly shows that Google-Sprint-Htc will not stand bye and allow at&t to bring down android. Drink whatever kool aide you want, talk about wimax all you want meanwhile htc year after year keep producing the best android handsets and they end up on sprint and sprint only ask yourself why is that???. Be a hater all you want of sprint but one thing holds true they OWN CTIA YEAR AFTER YEAR matter of fact CTIA IS THE HOME OF EVO. Evo 3d will rock and after ctia is over and we all turn to youtube on late tuesday night and for the remainder of the week watch how the htc evo 3d pimp slaps all those devices in comparisons and smackdowns I can't wait.
  • Amen to that! I totally agree.
  • Mac-arthur1: There have been articles galore. They have said they are out of money and will not be launching any new markets. They are closing their stores. What more proof do you need?
  • LoL Richard. Who's drinking koolaid? That would be you. Releasing phones with obsolete radios and changin techs is not knowing what they are doing. Keep trolling.
  • Im pretty sure they have a plan for what they wanna do for 4G. I read somewhere that wimax is 75% lte technology.
  • Muffspring18: They can switch the towers over with a software update. However, they can't do that to the phones. So, all of these wimax devices they are selling will only work in current wimax markets. Clear is not deploying any more markets. Who knows if the phones would continue to work on 4G at all. They are in one HUGE mess.
  • Good thing is, on Sprint, you get a new phone EVERY year, so last June I got the best, and only 4G phone, this June, I'll get the new best phone in the country, and then the following June, if there is an LTE EVO, guess what? I get that one too. All you have to do is spend $99 or more a month to get the latest and greatest upgrade each year. Enjoy your Thunderbolt for two years, its a great phone, but will be leapfrogged in about a week.
  • I couldn't have said it better myself!!!! We don't have to wait 2yrs before we upgrade to the latest & greatest!!!!
  • I really want to know where all you guys are hearing all this crap about clear going under and not building. My brother-in-law is an independent contractor for clear and he is still working and installing new towers, yes he said they are not currently adding new markets, but they are expanding and upgrading current markets. I live 15 miles out of wimax currently, and that's an upgrade in the last 3 months from 25 miles. And about clear stores closing? Um ok I have seen the local clear mall booths at 3 different malls in the twin cities go to full stores 2 of the right next to Sprint stores just recently. I know clear is money drained, but they are not broke. And I agree we are all Android fanboys here no need to put down some new phone just cause its not on your network. Oh yea and last thing, realize Sprint is one of the oldest cellphone companies around, everybody thought they were crazy for going to a cdma based 3g and that didnt turn out so bad. Just back off of big yellow.
  • I haven't yet found any evidence of Clearwire being "dead", "out of money", or no longer building out any capacity, so I'd like to know where that info is coming from. As for the EVO 3D, I'd like to see some specs. It's no worse than any of the other dual core phones that came out this year.
  • I agree, the 4g (wimax) signal in my area us getting stronger and stronger. I can pick up the signal further and further away from the downtown area where it started from.
  • evo 3D is looking great. I wouldnt say the same thing about the evo view. I hope it gets upgraded to honeycomb. Im personally going to try to get the g2x and the gslate as i have an affinty for stock android and the brand.
  • They may be in a mess over this 4G WiMax/LTE crap but what if Sprint didn't jump the gun and become the nations first 4G network?
    I personally think they made a good move and the switch to LTE may make 2 yr old Evo's obsolete but who cares there will be way bettter phones by the time LTE is ready.
  • The point is that they are releasing new wimax devices, but no new wimax markets. So, 70% of the US is SOL. Most that buy them will be stuck on 3G. They have been deploying wimax for almost 3 years. How long do you think Lte will take them? There will be a lot of people in limbo for a very long time.
  • Not necessarily. Sprint has said they could run both networks simultaneously.
  • I second that Starfleet Captain, they have said numerous times that if the need arose they could run simultaneous networks. I assume they would do so until people phased out their own Wimax devices.
  • you guys are right but first that would require a lot of money to upgrade the towers and then they would run into the issue that AT&T did with the iphone and 3g. Signals would drop because Sprints infrastructure wont be able to handle simultaneous networks. Thats why Big Red didnt care to buy Tmobile because they put tons of money daily into their network and switching to LTE will still be an option. The way I see it is Sprint has two ways to go and that is charge more so they can put up more towers or just put all of their chips into building up towers in hopes that it will work. Sprint is still a strong company and has some of the most important factors such as value and as a long time customer I hope they have something up their sleeve.
  • True that!!! Even if sprint goes lte, they will still use wimax!!!
  • Even if they switch to Lte, wimax will still be there because other companies use it. Not just sprint.
  • Today is an exciting day for Sprint nation.
  • Indy wasn't even on the 2011 4G list last year, I'm not counting on it this year either. No 4G from Verizon for 2011. T mobile has the only 4G in Indy.
  • A thats not really 4g.
  • Can't wait for this badboy to go on sale, say what you want about wimax, end of the day I have 4g and I pay way less than any other provider. I still have my palm pre as my personal phone almost 2 years now, and an evo as my work phone, can't wait to upgrade my pre, i hate it lmao.
  • This is incredible for me. As an launch day Pre buyer, and now a launch day Evo 4G user, I could not be more pleased. The specs are incredible. 1.2ghz dual core!? Thats the best out there on a phone. Form factor and weight? I already have had that for a year, and I don't mind at all. 4.3" screen? I couldn't live without it anymore. Improved screen res? YES! I've been asking for this since the iPhone 4. 3D? Yeah ok cool. I'll use it to impress people. I like impressing people with my phone. Realistically would I use it much? Probably not. Do I care? Nope. 4G WiMAX? Ok I'll be honest here, I would much rather have LTE than WiMAX, but its nice to not have a step down from already having it. Over the almost past year of having the HTC Evo 4G, the only time I've used the 4G is in speedtests and benchmarks. All in all, there is no better spec'ed phone out there, and this includes some cool little things that I will take. There really is no reasoning that this phone isn't great just because it has "3D" or WiMAX. Does adding a red coat of paint (a useless feature) to a computer case make the computer any less good? Nope.
  • The Evo 3D will have WiMax AND LTE per a reputable Sprint rep's report yesterday over at
  • if this is true, Sprint just secured my business for a long, long time. Either way I'm still getting this phone.
  • I'm a long time Verizon customer but giving serious thought to jumping ship to Sprint for this phone. WiMax here in Cincinnati is strong and reliable according to friends and this phone will be relatively futire-proof for a while with such high end spec's.
  • If the EVO 3D has WiMax and LTE, I will have to seriously consider it for my upgrade in December.
  • Ok, I'm amazed at all the professionals in here talking about WIMAX, it's life or death or importance. Bottom line is this, I am calling it the EVO 2 with 3D capabilities. Yes 3D is a gimmick to some, so what. Turn it off and you still have a top of the line phone. Furthermore, ANY phone that comes out today is using aging technology because tech itself moves at the speed of light it seems. With that being said, so what if WIMAX is dying. For today, it's hot, it works and it's in a lot of places. By the time we can say certainly that it's a bad tech avenue for sprint, the EVO will probably already be in it's fourth incarnation and be up to par with what all of you professionals think is the "right" stuff. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm a gadget geek. I never worry about tomorrow's technology because I know when the next best thing comes out I'm going to upgrade or buy it anyway. For TODAY, this phone is a great device on paper. I shall own one. When technology decides to throw me another one, myself and millions of people like me will move on. That's the world we live in today kids... now be quiet and please stop talking about America's phantom 4G. In summation, LTE is still just a theory to most people and the companies that tout it. at least for now Sprint has their next gen speeds (i for one can't call it 4G). Heck if anything for all we know Sprint is allowing the others to work out the kinks so they can just walk in ready to rumble with LTE in the next couple years.
  • My whole opinion on the people complaining about the Wimax not being real 4g I could care less really all I care about is, I live in Quincy, Ma I have Wimax on my Evo and I average 6-8 Mbps unlike my roommates Thunderbolt that gets between 3-4 and ATT is none existent here. The fact of the matter is this The HTC EVO is a Awesome it succeeded in alot of places where. Other phones have failed going against the iphone shoot I gave up my iphone to come to the Evo and you bet I will be getting the 3d or Evo 2. All I care about is the fact that I have a awesome device and a data plan that allows me to use it all I want.
  • people love to hate the guy at the top.... just got 8.7 mpbs down on my Evo in Raleigh, NC
  • ditto in Raleigh
  • I'm itching to see the View announcement. Now that I've gone tablet, I don't think there is any going back. And I'm still within my 30 days with the Galaxy Tab to make the switch. I'm pretty stoked about it. Now don't get me wrong, that Evo 3D looks spectacular, and I think it will be great for anyone who buys it.
  • I'm curious about the Evo 3D's display and how it works with the touch-screen. Nintendo's Iwata said that the reason why they didn't make the 3DS have a touch-sensitive 3D screen was because fingerprints left from touching the 3D screen detract significantly from the 3D experience. For viewing movies, I don't think it would be too bad, but a 3D game with on-screen controls? That may be a different story.
  • I'm not so worried about the 3d, my only concerns before making a decision on buying the EVO 3D. Will the new 3d screen make the display look worse visually than the original EVO? If so, then I won't be buying it. Another major one, yes this has a bigger battery.. but it better be miles and miles above the Thunderbolt as far as battery life goes. If it's only getting 6 hours out of the box, then no way will I buy it. If those 2 things check out, I'll definitely be buying it! I love HTC, but they simply have to optimize battery life...
  • I love my Epic, but I wish I would've waited for another HTC device ;-(
  • If the Evo 3D looks anything like that then I will pass. I love my Evo and its design and look but that is just a thunderbolt face with diff specs.
  • I hope the screen is readable outside. That's my only real gripe with the EVO. Outside it's unreadable.
  • I'm excited for both the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G. Can't wait to get more info on both.