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HTC bringing a Sensation successor with NFC in Q3 2011?

Rumors are always just rumors, but a current one flying around the Internet has an unnamed HTC sales manager outing a 4.3-inch successor to the HTC Sensation, with NFC capabilities, to hit in the third quarter of 2011.  Yes, a new phone will be better than an old phone -- shocker -- even though this particular old phone hasn't even hit the shelves yet.

So far the only Android phone to have NFC on-board is the Nexus S, and that's because Google wanted it available for developers.  NFC technology is something Nokia's been doing forever, yet still hasn't caught on for most of the world.  Maybe a bigger push from Google will have the same result that putting a front facing camera on the HTC Evo 4G did, and bring it mainstream.  Or maybe not -- consumers, especially us American ones, are pretty fickle.

Finally, there's been a bit of speculation that this will be the next Nexus phone.  While that's possible, and the time frame fits, I think it's way to early for anyone to be jumping to those conclusions.  But if it is, and has a similar curvaceous unibody design, tell me who to throw my money at now please. 

Source: Bright Side of News; via IntoMobile

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I am just hoping that the next Nexus phone is a groundbreaker like the first one. And if it looks anything like an evolved Sensation w/o the horrible name, I could penny up and pay those VZW ETFs.
  • It's just like HTC to update their flagships a month after they announced them: Desire S! Be excited for 2 months guys! Sensation! W00T IT'S TEH BEST ETC. ETC ... by the way we MIGHT add something, but it's like another phone... we will release it late 2011 and call it the Sensation S! By the way we will add 100megs of RAM to it and leave the thing just about the same, wait until we release the Sensational Desire line, with its hole TWO CORES overclocked to 1.5 and a gig of RAM! coming mid 2012!
  • I just switched to Verizon and I've been so happy with the service I cannot see leaving. I need this device to come to Verizon!!!
  • ive been on verizon for years and i used to be wishful like you. it never works out. TRULY great phones go gsm. VZW will get old tech or something great like the G2X but it will be skinned (revolution). you can never have something great out of the box. it will need to be rooted to get rid of the unreal amount of bloat.
  • Theorerically this changes with LTE. I can't see Verizon sticking with the limitations imposed by not having GSM features into the lte era. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought lte required GSM feature set.
  • Well I came from AT&T and when I go into the Verizon store, i feel like a kid at Christmas. AT&T has next to nothing as far as android is concerned. What they DO have comes locked down so you cannot side download apps, and they come with bloat too. Plus man I've got the Tbolt and it's a pretty damn awesome phone so Verizon does alright. Could be better but still alright , imo. Especially given that they are the only ones with true 4G so far.
  • Maybe this is the one with quad band 4g also...
    Then it sounds like a great candidate for the next Nexus
  • I'm in if this has quad band 4g. Tired of the AT&T/T-mobile games :-P
  • I'm in if this has quad band 4g. Tired of the AT&T/T-mobile games and trying to figure out whether they'll really get bought out :-P
  • I read some where this was reported this earlier this morning and said it rumored to be for Verizon
  • Please please please come to Verizon. I'm due for upgrade in July.
  • OK, I will officially begin wishing for the next Nexus phone to be on Verizon. It could be something really special with the Sensation specs atop LTE network. I'd camp out at Verizon store for that.
  • When is this phone coming to the U.S. Market?