HTC announces Desire U, 4-inch mid-range device for Taiwan

HTC has just quietly rolled out a spec page for a new device, the mid-range Desire U, targeted at the Taiwan market. Falling in line design-wise with the rest of the recent "One" and "Desire" devices, the Desire U has a smooth plastic body and rounded edges with a classy looking circle design that accents the back plate. On the inside, this device is clearly lower end, with a 1GHz processor, 4GB of (expandable) storage, 512MB of RAM and a 480x800 (WVGA) display. The U has a 1650mAh battery, which should give a good bit of life for a device with these specs.

The device is a Taiwanese listing, so the frequencies on this device are set up for that market -- 900 and 2100MHz HSPA along with 900, 1800 and 1900MHz GPRS/EDGE. No one is likely to import this, but with a striking design and acceptable specs, this low-ranger may do well in specific markets. We're finding unlocked pricing of about $275, which is quite competitive.

Source: HTC (translated)

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • How come HTC cater to those markets but not the US? Most people here like me still spend money on high-end devices. Latest and greatest processor with LTE compatibility, 2GB of RAM, at least 32GB of storage, 4.7-5" 1080p display, 13MP rear and 2MP front cameras, at least 3000mah battery, and of course JB and Sense 5 will do it for me. And if they can keep it sexy like my One X, I'll be set for (its) life.
  • Because HTC is Taiwanese. Of course they'll cater more to their own markets.
  • Yeah, but here's where the money at.
  • Most phones released never make it to the US.
  • and........ HTC just took a nose dive in the design category.
  • I actually believe this is one of HTC's better designs. HTC has a unique style to their phones that I am not particularly fond of, but I quite like this design. As with other things, it's simply a matter of opinion.
  • HTC continues to release a very poor phones, specs wise.
  • Do you not understand the meaning of a mid-range phone? Not everyone wants to buy the latest and greatest, you know.
  • Seeing these HTC devices, I really hope Google teams up with HTC for the next Nexus device! I really like the designs.
  • I am not sure that it is a good idea of continuing to pumping out devices with HD2 specifications (the 2009 flagship) now in 2013. Even a midrange device should boost a dualcore CPU and a screen with 960 x 540 rather than WVGA. I think Samsung took a better decision when they made the S2 Plus refresh even if the screen could have received an upgrade. 512 MB RAM is very limited nowadays too. 1 GB is necessary. 768 MB could be a compromise for the low end segment.
  • This is a low-end phone, made for people who are not into tech and don't need the latest specs. This phone is for people who only need to make phone calls, text, email, and light web browsing, not playing the latest HD games, heavy multitasking, or taking great photos. I have to say, I love the design of this thing! I'd go as far as say this is the best looking HTC phone I've ever seen; followed by One X, then 8X.