HTC has just added a new API to its OpenSense SDK to help developers take advantage of the IR hardware on the HTC One. Because the device has an IR emitter -- which cleverly placed in the power button -- HTC is hoping that developers will be able to take advantage of it and offer new apps above and beyond the bundled Sense TV. The new API, which is available upon request, will let the One be programmed in the same way a universal remote can. HTC envisions that developers could build apps to have the One control TVs, printers, cameras and any other device that relies on IR for control.

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Developers will have to contact HTC directly and apply for more information on the API, so it's clear that HTC is going to try and build partnerships to make compelling apps out of the gate. That little hurdle aside, it's important that a wider range of developers will have access to the hardware features at this level.

Source: HTC