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HTC 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet tipped in 'major U.S. retailer' lineup

Our pals over at PreCentral have found themselves in possession of what apparently is a release schedule from "a major U.S. retailer," and it's got a number of Android tablets listed, including a few new ones. Let's break it down:

  • March 17: Motorola 10-inch tablet, $649, first 10-inch tablet with Android Honeycomb. Obviously, the Motorola Xoom.
  • End of March: Dell 7-inch, $449, March launch with Android 2.2 Froyo. OK, it's the Dell Streak 7.
  • End of March: Samsung 7-inch, $499, March launch with Android 2.2 Froyo. Sounds like the Galaxy Tab to us.
  • April: Acer 7-inch, $399, first 7-inch tablet with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Acer 7-inch tablet. Check.
  • And a whole bunch of tablets in June, including a 10-inch device from HTC (that's new, price to be determined), that new 10-incher from Dell ($499), a 10-incher from Acer ($449, been announced already), and the 10-inch tablet from Toshiba that we saw at CES (priced here at $499).

The big question -- after we again say "A 10-inch tablet from HTC!" -- is which "major retailer" we're talking about. If this all pans out, CTIA could indeed be busy here in a couple weeks. [PreCentral]

  • I think the rumor was that HTC was going to release 2-3 tablets. Flyer is promising and I can't wait for more HTC goodness (read Honeycomb)!!
  • I will die if the toshiba takes until june.
  • No ASUS love?
  • How am I supposed to ever purchase a tablet with all this selection?! T'was Xoom, then Sammy 8.9, at one point G-Slate, and now.. man, I love HTC.. I guess I won't purchase anything until Late Summer. I can hold out.. I think.
  • Go buy and return it in 29 days to play around with
  • dell tablet a new tablet plan announced last week this all ATT.
  • Does anyone else find it funny that the the Acer 7" tablet says 'First 7" tablet with Android 2.3 (Gingerbreead).' Really? I really hate Sprint and blog commenter's with all this 'first' stuff. If it's a major milestone, okay. But first with 2.3?
  • Don't hate sprint for the (1st) branding. Like the 1st to stay away from tired data, capped data. The only network to offer 12mo upgrade to the truly loyal customers. If u love phones like I do u gotta have a New one every year. Nobody else will offer that. Now sprint let's release the real phones and not the KIA- Sara LOL
  • Wasn't the rumor that Sprint is going to announce an HTC tablet at CTIA along with HTC EVO 3D and the Nexus S 4G.
  • There is an un-packing video of the HTC Flyer on YouTube, i believe its in Russian. It must be getting very close, but now makes you wanna hold out and see if they really do have a 10" on the way? Damn tablet wars
  • I'm anxious to see if 7" HTC on Sprint gets announced. I would definitely check it out.
  • What is better spec wise on the ipad2 than the xoom? Besides the dual core, it doesnt have any special new features unless I missed something...
  • if the ipad 2 could run honeycomb id buy it because spec wise its better than all the android tablets
    But i hate ios so i wont be buying it!
  • sign me up for the 7 inch acer if it gets honeycomb :)
  • The problem is that for now the gold standard for tablets are those with Tegra. HTC seems to be lacking in that department at least when it comes to Flyer. If this 10"er has Tegra that is great, however I'm not overly confident since HTC seems to be wed to Qualcomm.
    That and June is a hell of a long time away for now. And Xoom is here now. There is also the fact that what happened in Japan, horrific humanitarian issues aside, is going to beat the crap out of imports of such hardware. So grab your tablets while you can, there is about to be a drought when it comes to hardware from Asia for at least half a year, IMHO. Now that said. People are FAR more important then toys. But I gotta put it out there as a likely fact since may of the components that make up our phones and tablets do come from Japan, Taiwan, China, and S. Korea.
  • The new dual core Snapdragons are going to be monsters. And Netflix compatible. Terga 2s are nice, but certainly not the only fast dual core chips around. Ask Apple.
  • Here they come...
  • Gah, it's going to be so hard to decide between an iPad, PlayBook and Honeycomb device by mid-April...
  • hell ya. love the website. cNt beleive i missed this article. have evo, SICK BUSINESS. live androidand htc. got excited about Asus transformer, coukdnt wait for that or an htc so i bought the xoom from Costco. dont get me wrong, this xoom is DIRTY. BUT, i want an htc. if u cant waait, then buy the xoom from Costco and buy the htc when it comes out.... they have a NO HASSLE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED 90DAY REURN POLICY. My first xoom was acting up,so i went to exchange it.... tbey dont do exchanges... they RETURN the item and give ur money back!!! bought a new one then and there and got a NEW 90 RETURN POLICY.SCREW THE SYSTEM