How's your Pixel battery life since the Android 11 update?

Android 11 review
Android 11 review (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

It's hard to believe, but it's already been over two months since Android 11 was released to the public. That means it's been two months of people messing with chat bubbles, getting used to the new notification layout, and having more control over their app permissions.

New features like that are the most fun to talk about, but whenever a major software update is released, there's something else that needs to be discussed: battery life.

A few Pixel owners in the AC forums recently got to talking about how Android 11 has been affecting their battery life over the past couple of months, and looking through their comments, it seems to be a mixed bag right now.

I was expecting battery life to get better with iOS 11 due to the under the hood changes but now I have to charge my Pixel 4 thrice a day and yes I did a factory reset I feel my phone has became useless so now I was forced to order a Pixel 5 even though I cancelled my initial pre-order after having second thoughts on the value it offers but now I ordered it without thinking twice just because I...

Super Spartan

Yes. I'm surprised this thread wasn't started a lot sooner as a lot of Pixel users are having this problem since the upgrade to 11. My battery drains twice as fast as on 10. It's not an app either (I don't have TuneIn on my phone). In battery settings it says all apps are running normally. When the phone is not in use (i.e. overnight, face down so as not to use AOD) I'm losing around 1% per...


No discernible difference on my 4 XL.


My pixel 4 is has better battery life on 11 than when on 10, it lasts from 8am until my bed time at 11 pm then overnight slow charge, Very pleased with it my first pixel.


Now, we want to hear from you — How's your Pixel battery life since the Android 11 update?

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