How to watch the World Cup in VR

World Cup soccer has taken over the world again, and the hype is real. Any fan who doesn't have the ability to go the live games in person want to know what it feels like to be there and virtual reality can do that for you. By checking out any of the options below you can load the games into your headset and feel as if you are standing in the crowd just like everyone else.

Get ready to scream and cheer louder than ever before, the games are here!

BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup app

The perspective of this VR footage is filmed from the stadium audience. You can get the full experience of being in the crowd from the comfort of your own couch! This is available for your Android, iOS, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Gear VR. BBC is allowing people to watch **all* the 2018 World Cup games for free, but this is at a first come first serve basis. It hasn't been stated how many people will be able to watch in their app at the same time, but we do know the number is limited.

It also appears the app is only available for use from within the UK. Everyone outside of the UK are receiving regional errors when it comes time to download or launch the app. Furthermore, this app is not Daydream compatible. You can, however, tell the app you are using your cardboard and then use your Daydream headset anyway. You'll lose the function of your controller, but you will still be able to navigate through the app.

Oculus Venues

This app won't be showing all of the World Cup, but you can still get an experience of watching from the stadium for at least a few rounds. Oculus Venues also allows you to watch with other users watching in Venues. While there is a viewing solo mode, I recommend trying it out with fellow sports fans in the audience. This app works on your Oculus Go or your Gear VR and it is completely free to use!

The following games will be shown in venues

  • Germany vs Mexico - June 17
  • Portugal vs Morocco - June 20
  • Brazil vs Costa Rica - June 22
  • England vs Panama - June 24

See on Oculus

Watch the live stream in VR

Plenty of people still want to watch the games from their headset instead of their TVs or computer screens. This can make viewing the game even more comfortable because you can lay down on your bed with a headset strapped to your face and still get the same images. While the livestream for the World Cup 2018 won't have 360-degree abilities to watch, you can still view it from any of your headsets through the YouTube app.

YouTube is live streaming the World cup here.. You won't need to download the YouTube app for the Oculus devices because you can access the entirety of YouTube from any browser (including all VR content).

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