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VH1 is one of the easiest TV channels to watch live these days. In the age of streaming television, there's no need to pay the insanely high costs for a traditional cable subscription. Gone are the days of being charged over $100 monthly just for a cable package that includes your favorite channel. Live TV streaming services offer lower prices, no contracts, and the ability to watch the shows you love even when you're not at home. Thanks to the rise of services like Sling TV and Philo, there's a way to watch nearly any TV channel live without a cable subscription — including VH1.

From RuPaul's Drag Race to Love & Hip Hop, VH1 has cultivated a collection of hit reality TV shows that keeps fans coming back for more. If you can't bear to miss an episode of your favorite series, signing up for a live TV streaming service that provides access to VH1 is essential.

Can I watch VH1 live online?

Yes! Nearly all of the popular live TV streaming services out there include VH1 in their channel listings, though it is relegated as an add-on channel in select services such as Sling TV. You can stream VH1 live using Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or Fubo TV. The only live TV streaming service which doesn't offer the ability to watch VH1 live is Hulu.

Philo is the most affordable option

There are a few ways to watch VH1 live without signing up for a cable subscription. The most affordable way to watch is with Philo. This live TV streaming service gives you access to over 60 channels including VH1 for only $20 per month! It blows the competition out of the water on price, and there's even a free 7-day trial at Philo so you can give it a shot before becoming a paying member.

Gain access to stream VH1 live along with more than 60 other channels when you start your subscription at Philo! This live TV streaming service costs just $20 per month and even lets you start off with a free 7-day trial!

Sling is another excellent choice

Sling TV is the next, most affordable option and rides a fine line between keeping the price low and the number of popular channels high. However, you'll need not only the base package at $35/month but also the 'Lifestyle Extra' add-on which unlocks 10 additional channels including VH1 for an extra $6 per month. At a total of $41 monthly, that's still a wide margin lower in cost than Fubo TV and YouTube TV which are both priced at $64.99 monthly. Sign up for a free trial at Sling today for three days of free streaming before you have to pay for access.

Choose the 'Lifetime Extra' add-on package at an additional $6 per month to watch VH1 on Sling! That's on top of the base plan's price of $35 per month. You'll be able to stream VH1 on Android and iOS devices, your computer or smart TV, select Xbox game consoles, and more. Sign up today for a free 3-day trial before being charged.

VH1 is unavailable to stream live with Hulu

Hulu with Live TV is the only popular live TV streaming service that does not let you stream VH1 live. However, if you're looking for older, on-demand VH1 content, series like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and RuPaul's Drag Race are available to stream with a standard Hulu subscription starting at $5.99 per month.

Another way to stream VH1 live...

The best way to stream VH1 live is truly dependent on what you want out of a streaming service. Services like Sling and Philo will let you watch VH1 live without much of a difference between the two; the real difference is everything else these services offer. If you only care about having access to VH1 and won't be watching anything else live, your best option would be Philo as it costs only $20 per month. However, if you're looking to stream more TV channels live other than VH1, another service with more channels could be a better fit.

Fubo TV offers the most channels for $65 per month, including a bevy of sports-related channels. It even includes cloud DVR access so you can record shows and films to watch at a time that's more convenient for your schedule.

FuboTV plans start at $65 monthly and include access to stream over 100 live TV channels with your subscription, including VH1! Start your free trial now to check out the service for seven days before paying for your membership.
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