The third installment of Bill and Ted's on-going adventures continues on August 28 when it comes to theaters and video on demand at the same time. The film hedges its bets and will be available at the scattered open theaters around the U.S., but because of the shutdowns, it will also grace online video platforms at the same time.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are both reprising their iconic roles as Bill and Ted as they attempt to write a hit song to save the world in the new movie. While it's a bold move to return to the original movies 29 years later, the early reviews said it was an excellent ride and a worthy continuation.

The movie is directed by Dean Parisot and also features actors Kristen Schaal, Samara Weaving, and Brigette Lundy-Paine.

Bill & Ted Face the Music: where and when

Bill and Ted Face the Music is coming to open theaters on August 28, and will simultaneously be available for purchase or rental online at the same time. Online, the movie will be hitting select video purchasing and rental platforms rather than a streaming subscription service.

You'll be able to find it on release at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox, and FandangoNow. Only Fandango Now will be rental only, while the other places will offer the option to buy.

How to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music streaming

It won't be hard to find a place in the U.S. to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music streaming online. The movie is available for pre-order ahead of its release. One advantage for pre-ordering the rental from FandangoNow which will give customers a 50% discount of select future rentals. The other comes from Vudu which will give a $3 credit for future use on its platform.

The movie available through Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu are available as 4K versions while the one on Amazon is listed as only HD. The rental on FandangoNow is 4K as well and comes in $5 cheaper at $19.99 compared to purchasing the film on other platforms for $24.99.

How to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music from anywhere in the world

Originally the film was supposed to open in the U.S. and the U.K. on the same date, but with the volatile schedule, it will first be released only in America. MGM announced that it has picked up a wide range of international release rights so it will be officially coming to other countries in the near future. If you must catch Bill and Ted facing the music as soon as possible and you live outside the U.S., a VPN solution may suit your needs.

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