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How to turn off Briefing on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Whether you know it as My Magazine or the newer name Briefing, this Flipboard-powered news reader is again turned on by default as the left-of-main home screen on your Galaxy S6. While it may be a decent replacement for opening a dedicated news reading app for some, chances are not everyone wants to have it loaded up and would prefer to have their own content there. We'll show you how to turn off Briefing and reclaim that home screen space.

Toggling Briefing

The process of turning off Briefing is extremely simple, but unnecessarily hidden. In order to turn off Briefing entirely, access your home screen settings by pinching out or long-pressing a blank space on the main home screen. You'll see a zoomed-out version of the home screens with a few settings options — skip those and just swipe the home screen to the right to reveal Briefing. Tap the small check box above the Briefing screen, and you'll see the page fade out — Briefing is now turned off entirely.

With it off you can press the home button and go back to the exact same home screen setup you had before, sans Briefing, or you can add an empty page where Briefing once was. Either way, now you don't have to have Briefing loading and waiting for you when you'll never intentionally go to it!

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • i feel android is more beta ish, i mean still in beta stage not ready for market...the messaging UI is yellow in color, nothing in Android seems to be mature, Android is more for kids rather than pros btw i use S5 and i don't have any intentions of moving to S6 or any other Android flavoured device
  • Might try something other than Samsung. If that's all you've used, then you've only experienced Touch wiz and not stock android. I might recommend Moto or a nexus if you really want to experience true android.
    There is a huge difference. I should also note that Android 5.0 seemed pretty beta, but 5.1 feels much better. My 2 cents.
  • While I disagree with his opinion...he was talking about Material Design, which is not a TW thing Posted via my 64 GB Verizon S6
  • Can't be talking about regular Android, as in "real Android". I've experienced none of those things on my Nexus. Sounds exactly like a Samsung issue to me. Unfortunately the masses out there believe that TouchWiz really is the Android experience. I think that Google should require manufacturers to give a dual boot option that ask the user at setup would you like to have pure Android or would you like to have Samsung unnecessarily enhanced Android or whatever manufacturer it is. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • You are silly. The OS is not mature because the messaging app is yellow? Hush. Posted via my 64 GB Verizon S6
  • Because color schemes and theming in general? I agree with him. Posted on my OnePlus One
  • Not sure if you're making this comment just to get people riled up. You probably are, but who knows? I've got a Nexus 6, lollipop 5.1. Left the Note 3 for it-best decision ever.. for me. I've never seen the messaging in bluish or yellow here. Nothing on my phone seems immature at all. It's the best UI experience I've ever had. You can always go to iPhone. It has pages of icons and a bunch of recent Android- like features the more it matures. There's also Windows Phone- that may seem more mature for you too. Or you could experience something other than TouchWiz- whichever is easier. Ironic that you say its for kids because that's what people who used blackberry said forever about the iPhone. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • First world problems Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Not ready for pros"? Just with the Google apps alone you can run an entire business, not to be insulting but it sounds like you don't want to put in any work. Google+ All Day Everyday
  • Try using another messaging app. "Messages" is the samsung messaging app.
  • Use Hangouts. Google+ All Day Everyday
  • And iOS isn't more for kids? There's a reason my 5-year old has an ipad and not a Nexus or other Android tablet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • note, my 6yr old nephew has no problem using any tablet/laptop/desktop of any brand or type.. if a kid cant use non-apple they are idiots and likely so are the parents. Btw, excluding gameplay, that nephew did not get 'how to use it' from me.. while he did learn comptuer related from me later on.
  • You do realize each provider has their own messaging app? Verizon is different from sprint and so on.
  • 1yr ago was wrong then..wrong now.. Im a 15yr past apple developer ..and still a longtime apple stock holder ..since the beginning.. I consider the comment above is from a idiot.. most of the people who use iphone/ipad are incapable of doing any real work... and often still need help from regular people... Android now (depending on brand) is definately more mature... apple was first.. but often what is first is good for a while.. but becomes old quickly.. my own s4 and now s7 .. are both better than any iphone.. I have a iphone per work.... and its compartively a big joke.. and if not for my hearing aid related (halo 2) I would try to convince my boss to dump iphones... they only have them per a major deal with local provider.. Its not just samsung on some of the comments.. personally I prefer samsung over all other brands.. ive had every provider locally available and have had various brands ... I think its the opposite.. pros other than photographers and related.. will be less likely to use iphone,... while more likely to use ipad.. But yet, my tablet can do more than any table of any brand (android or apple).. and dont need my laptop which in reality is lower performance anyway. My sisnlaw has to continue using a laptop.. . I still have mine but havent used it in months.
  • Duhhh!!
  • Simplest was is just install Google now launcher Posted via the Android Central App
  • *Nova Posted via my 64 GB Verizon S6
  • ^this. Although I do wish that Nova would introduce a Google Now page option when you swipe over. That is the 1 thing I really do like about the GN launcher. Fortunately on the Nexus 6 it's super easy just to swipe up from the circle too. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Action Launcher 3 is like GNL on steroids. My favorite feature of AL3 is the ability to change the color of the search bar. Google+ All Day Everyday
  • Or you can just disable briefing... Posted via my 64 GB Verizon S6
  • No, actually, that doesn't accomplish the same thing. If you disable briefing but don't uncheck the box in the launcher, the Briefing page will still be there — it just won't ever load content. If you want to get rid of that page, you have to do it like we've shown here.
  • Its sad that there even has to be an article on how to turn off unnecessary crap. Samsung phones are beautiful now, but their software assumptions and intrusiveness still just sucks. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Unnecessary to whom? If the app wasn't there, I would've downloaded it and stuck the widget on a single page by itself. I find it necessary as Flipboard is my main news source that I access daily. Some things people don't want/ need/ use but then you have others that like the added software. The reason this article exists are for people like you who don't want it but to call it unnecessary and crap because it's not something you find useful is unwarranted.
  • When (if) I get a Nexus 6, Flipboard will be one of the first apps I install. Google+ All Day Everyday
  • I like flipboard. I use it everyday actually. I had a single page dedicated to the Flipboard widget so it doesn't bother me at all that its there. The 1 thing I don't like is that there isn't an easier way to get to the topics you follow. You have to go to settings, then your profile, then press the arrow back button to finally get what you want. It's just too much but otherwise, it's not so bad.
  • Flipboard is awesome. It's like having a stack of current magazines available for your reading enjoyment at all times. Once you get your Flipboard all set-up (which is extremely easy) it can be part of your morning coffee drinking wake-up ritual. When I'm in hotel, doctors, airport lobbies/waiting rooms Flipboard is my go-to. Unlike Google Now where you have to wait for a "stores to read" card Flipboard is always ready to go with updated articles. Give it a try before you turn it off. Google+ All Day Everyday
  • I like the regular Flipboard app and use it everyday. The Briefing version of Flipboard is a waste of space and resources.
  • Thank you! Not everyone wants that stuff on their home page! :)
  • how to get that widget? mine aren't same, no briefing.
  • btw, the above works in turning off briefing.. but i contiue to get briefings and constanly ignoring it.. and android play does not show it as installed.. and i see no icon anywhere on that phone.. I have similar issues with other android phones (family members) . so the above isnt 100%