Our lives have gotten progressively busier. Whether you're bouncing between doctors appointments, play dates, meetings, or family occasions, keeping track of everything you have going on can be easier said than done. Thankfully Amazon Alexa is here to help you out by keeping track of your calendar for you. All you need to do is sync your account, and you'll be good to go!

Alexa can keep track of your calendar

Life can get busy, and even if your calendar is sitting on your phone in your pocket, it can be easy to forget when you have an appointment. Alexa is here to help though, and can let you know when you have something coming up in your day. However before you can ask her what's on the books, you'll need to sync your calendar.

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This is a fairly simple process; once you know what you're doing and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Alexa can sync up with calendars from Google, Microsoft and even Apple. This means that even when your itinerary is on a different service, Alexa can still sync up so you never miss a beat. If you've got different events on different accounts, then you're still free and clear, since you can add multiple calendars, and even choose which folders or events to ignore from within the Alexa app.

How to sync your calendar with Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Tap the overflow button that looks like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings.

    Open the Alexa app, Tap the overflow button, Tap settings

  4. Scroll down and tap Calendar.
  5. Tap the type of account you want to sync with Alexa.
  6. Tap Link your calendar account.

    Scroll down and tap calendar, Tap the type of account you want to link, Tap 'link your calendar account'

  7. Tap the account you want to link.
  8. Tap the allow button in the lower right corner.

Tap the account you want to link, Tap the allow button

Is your calendar synced?

Have you synced your calendar with Alexa? Do you prefer not to? We want to know about it, so be sure to drop us a comment below!

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